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Opera and Singing - Assignment Example

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The singer shares her experiences concerning singing and the requirements that an upcoming Opera musician should consider. For instance, she says that most singers…
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Opera and Singing
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Download file to see previous pages This is a feeling that makes a singer to enjoy his or her performance while on stage and it also produces the best sound and full concentration. Singing opera requires high vocal technique and the teachers normally test the ability of a young singer to absorb the kinesthetic understanding (Terry, n.p). The training enables a singer to grasp the different elements that make a good opera singer like mastering the important notes and keys to hit. The interview inspires me to venture into other genres of art in order to fit in the foreign theatre experience across Europe and America.
I have gained knowledge about opera singing and this has inspired me. I think a person needs to explore his or her talents and concentrate on it to be the best. It is encouraging that Zajick was to be a medical student when she discovered her talent in opera and later changed her career. Being a Chinese, I knew nothing about opera music and the interview has exposed to this new revelation. The interview is also educative because it reveals different aspects about opera singing in which Zajick shares her experiences (Terry, n.p). The singer also educates the audience on various elements that make a good opera singer, body language, pitch levels and the kinesthetic awareness. The interview can help upcoming singers to acquire new skills and insights about the industry and the performances.
However, the discussions do not apply to me and my attitude towards opera and singing. This is because opera is not a common genre in my country and people know very little about the songs. I think singing and opera is an exciting experience because of the numerous notes involved when performing. According to Zajick, a singer to dedicate time to master the notes in order to make an electrifying performance and this requires those who are fans of the genre. It is apparent that before watching the interview, I had no knowledge or experience about opera and singing, but ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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