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They do not use non-food animal products like wool and leather. These people have constantly put meat eaters in fear withtheir threats and attention seeking cries of…
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Modest Proposal: vegetarian people
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Modest Proposal: Vegetarian People People who do not eat meat and animal byproducts like eggs, milk or any dairy products like ghee and cheese. They do not use non-food animal products like wool and leather. These people have constantly put meat eaters in fear withtheir threats and attention seeking cries of animal cruelty, heartlessness and animal harassment (Adams, 123). Is it true that what an individual eat defines their personality? Ever wondered why some people try being vegetarians for a while, then cross over and never return to being vegetarians: because it is hard (Keith, 1).
Vegetarians should stop being troubled by animals, people eat since even in the wild, they would not survive as long. As a matter of fact, humans keep these animals safe, provide shelter, food and even treat them. Just think of which heartless person would care for your every need and just receive a little bit of something as a thank you and only consume you after your life span is over.
During harvest time farmers cut down maize stalks, pluck beans and prune wheat, dig and yank cassava, potatoes and carrots. They are processed and put in bags and sold to vegetarians who they are not merciless and are not harassing the plants not to mention destruction to earth by agriculture (Keith, 3). What with the tearing of leaves, roots and branches for food? Again what about chopping, boiling or simply chewing raw fresh vegetable? They are fresh because they are not yet dead! Imagine a human mouth full of bacteria chewing on some fresh cabbages and carrots which istechnically still alive! At least meat lovers eat their animals completely dead. I guess to the average vegetarians this is not harassment since plants do not cry or bleed like animals so this means they do not feel pain, right? Or do they?
The solution to this debate is that vegetarians should agree that they are human beings are also animals. In the wild, lions eat deer and giraffes eat leaves, therefore as animalhuman beings we are lucky to have the choice of being a lion or a giraffe or both (Adams, 125). Either choice do not make us lesser animals or superior animals only that our food type should not be used to judge, criticize or condemn one another (Adams, 125). In the religious sense, evenJesus did not condemn meat eaters. We wear wool for warmth in the cold season there is no reason why a person should condemn themselves to cold or other alternatives when the animal in question is already dead anyway.
What I know, even you will agree, is that if I was a cow and I was milked I would be relieved and happy. Let vegetarians continue in the assumption that plants do not feel pain because so far not even science has proved that animals have brains. It is this mindlessness of animals that makes them notknow they are food. This is hypocrisy of the highest level by the tender hearts also called the vegetarians to kill plants mercilessly because plants do not feel pain (Keith, 20). Remember even plants are categorized as living things and living things are living things no two ways about it. Take a maize seed thathas been harvested and packed into bags and drop it into soil after two weeks it will grow meaning plants are never dead when vegetarians forcefully kill them with the bacteria and teeth in their mouths.
A movement should be established by meat eaters. It will hard to achieve the goals but just as the martyrs preserved and faced persecution to make Christianity alive so shall the meat eater’s campaign succeed finally. I know I will be on the fore front and so shall many. Even some previous vegetarians who crossed over to the ‘bad’ side could join.
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