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Environmental Effects Statement for the proposed (Persistent Organic Compounds) storage and treatment facility - Research Proposal Example

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[Statement of Environmental Effect] By Insert Your Name Presented to Course Institution Name, Location Date Due Abstract A Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) is a basic requisite in project implementation. This is essentially a documentation that providesthe relevant plans, a completed application form, and a statement of environmental effects…
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Environmental Effects Statement for the proposed (Persistent Organic Compounds) storage and treatment facility
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Extract of sample "Environmental Effects Statement for the proposed (Persistent Organic Compounds) storage and treatment facility"

Download file to see previous pages This article’s main aim is tooutline a few things such as how the development is likely to impact on the environment; ways in which the impacts could be identified and measures that would be put in place to mitigate the social and economic impacts of the project on the environment.Within the SEE, a suitable location for the development of the project should be suggested and details outlined. Background The development plan featured here is the setting up of POP (Persistent Organic Compound) storage and treatment facility is which is to be built near Mortlake, Victoria. The purpose of building this facility is to dispose Australia’s 500,000 tonne stockpile of organ chlorines such as DDT, Dieldrin and Endrin, polychlorinated biphenyls, hexachlorobenzene, dioxins and furans. The company that has proposed the storage and treatment facility received information that they will have to go through the environmental effect process before approval could be given for this project. With the support of both the State and Federal Governments the process will be heard under Victoria’s Environmental Effects Act (1978) and the Federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999). Body The Queensland Environmental act protection act 1994 is a statute that provides legislations, standard procedures, codes and control approvals when setting up projects so as to monitor and manage operations on site. Given the size of the project, a lot of organisation should be done and clear-cut strategies be put in place. Some of the things the project managers should outline include how to relocate or compensate owners of the 1000 acres of land where the project is going to be built and the cost implications it will have on the stakeholders of the project. Operations involved and the estimated period of time required for setting up the project is also vital. Scrutiny of the site should also be done to verify whether there are any hindrances to the project such as underlying mining tenements. The numbers of people required to provide labour should outlined (BERTRAM, 2005, p201). There are a number of implications; either social or economic, that could arise as a result of setting up the project. For instance, looking at the topography of the land, excavators will have to dig deeper into the ground which could result in for example release of air emissions from underneath that may be hazardous to humans. It is important that both personnel working on the site and other nearby residents be informed on such dangers and protective clothing be distributed so as to mitigate the effects such dangerous chemicals could have on individuals. The dug up soil could also contain dangerous chemicals leading to contamination and it is recommended that it is disposed in the right manner. The proposed construction for all temporary landforms is also likely to cause possible erosion as the area is cleared of vegetation. Clearing or demolishing of the houses within the site may likely lead to stockpiles and limit access to certain pathways. In the wake of the construction, it is also likely that some parts of the neighboring land’s fertility or productivity be constrained.“JOUMARD, p34,” argues that in order to ensure that the land remain fertile or at least a little productive, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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