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Based on the video clip posted by Pat Petrini on, arguments are designed to settle conflicting differences in beliefs, philosophies, or perceptions on something that may earn either approval or disapproval of the parties involved, only the argumentation process…
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Up to the wirter
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A Response on the Video of “Pyramid Scheme Cartoon” by Pat Petrini Based on the video clip posted by Pat Petrini on, arguments are designed to settle conflicting differences in beliefs, philosophies, or perceptions on something that may earn either approval or disapproval of the parties involved, only the argumentation process ought to be conducted with logical flow of illustrating one’s proof points. In the story, the female character remains skeptic and irrationally negative about the idea of ‘network marketing’ despite all the efforts made by her male counterpart to justify what network marketing means, particularly in the light of understanding how it works in general. It may be observed that the major barrier to communication is brought by the lady’s lack of open-mindedness and the inability to provide valid and sound reasoning behind her severe distaste toward ‘pyramid scheme’ being which she accuses the networking of, according not to her own experience but to mere hearsays from people. Somehow, this has enabled me to visualize the diversity of my audience and expect the worse in those who would happen to have an entirely different perspective from mine.
On one side, the male character argues stating “According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor and the Direct Selling Association … I am 5 times more likely to earn over $100,000 in network marketing than in my life-sucking job” and this exemplifies the use of credible source where he later adds mentioning R. Kiyosaki, D. Trump, and W. Buffet who are among the world-renowned successful individuals in the field. He even manages to strategize with an approach of probing questions to assess the knowledge of the opposing arguer who, apparently, fails to rationalize properly as she keeps replying “No” or “I still think it’s a pyramid scheme” with no adequate reference to a reliable source. In the end, to the surprise of the upset and fed-up male opponent, the female opponent expresses interest in being recruited to his team yet his response is a sort of bitter disagreement. The scenario alludes that while some people are greatly difficult to convince, they think things over and reflect unconsciously until they arrive at a well-informed decision. Too bad for the party who runs out of patience and refuses such opportunity but I think the situation, as it applies in reality, would be inspiring to generate creative ways to persuade people by sharing info as a smart man does, without mark of desperate tone yet with ample reserves of enthusiasm in order to gain the advantage of satisfying murky curiosities and closing deals, no matter how painstakingly.
Work Cited
Petrini, Pat. “I Still Think It Is a Pyramid Scheme (Pyramid Scheme Cartoon).” 8 Dec 2010. Web. 16 Nov 2014. Read More
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Up to the Wirter Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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