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The essay “Responsibilities as a Writer” looks at the responsibilities of a writer, which have become more important these days. There are people whose interest rests in politics, chemistry, horror, space, kitchen, nature amongst others. There are writers who have interests in every one of these issues…
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Responsibilities as a Writer
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s Responsibilities as a With proliferation in the use of electronic media, the responsibilities of a have become more important. T here are varying literatures available and through various medium, and as variant as people interests. There are people whose interest rests in politics, chemistry, horror, space, kitchen, nature amongst others. There are writers and readers who have interests in every one of these varying pieces of human life, and one would say that it is the readers who are responsible for whatever they read in books, magazines, newspaper, blogs or even web pages. There are those people who interest rests in chemistry and will be content reading materials that delve in bombs, cyanides and other dangerous elements and chemicals. There are others whose interests’ rests in cookbooks, horror novels, politics of the day, and sports amongst other genres. However, it is upon the writer to pen down their writings in coherent, cohesive and accurate manner that does not show a whim of bias.
A writer has the ultimate responsibilities to pen down their pieces in an accurate and sober manner without any undue influence from any person or institution. Ultimately, a writer should pen down written pieces to change their readers into better human beings. The writer through their writing should advocate living within the reality and nature of the present existence. Importantly every piece penned down by a writer should be ultimately geared towards inspiring readers, without necessarily being taking sides in competing situations. In fact, it is often said that writers should be the referees of the present world, pointing out wrongs and rights amongst us. Writers provide their readers with wisdom and strength to confront and fight potential troubles. In a way they should help their readers to learn how to have a control over their own destiny. They create and build onto the legacy of the world through writing, through showering tem with hope, love and joy. Writings may have a message that entertains, informs, promotional, educative, ultimately the message needs to be sincere to the ears and eyes of their readers.
The real responsibility of a writer out there is to have their message written is inputting the message in a cohesive and coherent manner. At least, good writer should live by this maxim, how else would a writer pen down their piece if it is intended to gather dust in a shelf and rot a way. Poorly written work discourages intuition of the messages intertwined in them, and they end up performing the extreme opposite of the intent they are written.
Writers that often have the greatest responsibility on what they write are journalists, as they must write informative pieces, and a bias would misrepresent the truth. They have been compared to truth-Sayers and even prophets, but ultimately they must pen down truthful pieces that are not intended to take one side over the other. In this context writer is responsible to the society, but first the responsibility arouses from self, and as such the writer should concern himself with articles that penetrate their fancy and impresses their heart, as well as their pens. Hence a responsible writer pens down writings that are accurate, coherent, cohesive and truthful, whereas the irresponsible writer with a pen has been compared to metaphorically to give a monkey a gun. Read More
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Responsibilities As a Writer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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