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Sharing Your World - Coursework Example

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Culturally diverse is to mean that different people come from different cultural backgrounds where each have and believe in certain cultural beliefs just unique to themselves. It is not their faults to uphold certain practices that are different from the other people since it is…
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Sharing Your World
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Extract of sample "Sharing Your World"

Sharing Your World Question Culturally diverse is to mean that different people come from different cultural backgrounds where each have and believe in certain cultural beliefs just unique to themselves. It is not their faults to uphold certain practices that are different from the other people since it is a tradition to behave that way in their motherland. People therefore, need to be tolerant of other people’s cultures.
Question #3
Stereotyping is the act of grouping either a race or gender together and giving a general comment about the whole group, which, according to you, applies to all the people from that group of people. On the other hand, discrimination is an act that denies participation to groups or categories of people due to prejudice. It also includes the act of treating a member of a given group based on the fact that they’re from a given category of people in the society.
Question #4
Examples of stereotyping include:
i. Men are better in sports than women.
ii. Blacks run faster or are better in athletics than Whites
iii. All Muslims and Arabs must be terrorists.
iv. All masculine women must be lesbians
v. Only tall and slender ladies become models
Examples of discrimination include:
i. Old people cannot make good employees (discrimination against age)
ii. Disabled employees are paid less than physically fit people (Disability discrimination)
iii. Denying employment opportunities to Blacks in America because their color (Racial discrimination)
iv. Using nationality to offer opportunities such as employment opportunities to others (Nationality discrimination)
v. Treating people from different religions from your differently based on their religion or faith (Religion discrimination)
Question #5
My elder brother wanted to become a pastor when he was in college. My parents have used the same preconceived idea to judge me, thinking that I might also come up with the same thought of becoming a pastor when I reach college. I’ve felt so bad that my parents can use what happened to my brother to judge me.
Question #8
The prejudices in myself are such like, the fact that my elder brother passed so well in college and became the top in their class, I feel that I would also follow its footsteps and be the best in my class. I need to overcome this prejudice by believing in my own work and discovering that my brother and are two different people. Read More
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