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Course journal - Essay Example

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Understanding classroom dynamics helps the teachers in setting a good learning environment in which the students feel free when communicating to the teachers and their fellow students. The preferred…
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Course journal
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Extract of sample "Course journal"

Journal One As long as teachers and are involved, there must be room dynamics. Understanding classroom dynamics helps the teachers in setting a good learning environment in which the students feel free when communicating to the teachers and their fellow students. The preferred classroom dynamics includes engagement and contribution of each person in the classroom. It is not a natural condition for everybody in the class to contribute, but it should be planned. In a situation where students learn English in a classroom setting the parties involved must consider different things like discipline, motivation, gender and participation.
For every classroom to maintain order, the parties involved must have a common behavioural code. Students can not express themselves freely without rules, and the teachers have to inform the students from the beginning of the class on how they are expected to behave. The teacher should reinforce negatively any behaviour violating the set rules. Students are motivated differently, and the teacher should make sure that the lessons taught respect the interest and goals of each student. When discussing classroom matters both genders should be present regardless of the topic being taught. When discussing or asking question, the teacher must ensure that each student participates.
After focusing on the classroom dynamics and the effects they cause, I have learned that they can be handled through considering the behaviour of the parties involved. After solving the classroom dynamics, students will be able to understand the teaching and the teacher will have an easy time in handling the students. Commitment is the key to success in each subject told in class, and both teacher and students must be committed.
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Dowrick Stephanie. Creative Journal Writing: The Art and Heart of Reflection. New York: Allen & Unwin, 2007. Print. Read More
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Course Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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