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I dont know chose the one that fits the story - Essay Example

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A critical analysis of Henry Gate’s memoir “In the Kitchen” shows that monologue is the main literary device used in the exposition of the memoir. Monologue is the literary device that suitable for this memoir because the memoir describes personal experiences. For that…
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I dont know chose the one that fits the story
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Download file to see previous pages Many examples are given in this paper of how Gates has used monologue as an exposition device to convey his audience his intended message. The paper concludes with a concise summary of the main points in the paper.
To begin with, Henry Gates begins this memoir by drawing a vivid picture of how their kitchen looked like when he was young, Gates says, “ we always has a gas stove in the kitchen, in our house in Piedmont, West Virginia where I grew up. Never electric, though electric became fashionable in Piedmont in the sixties, like using Crest toothpaste rather than Colgate, or watching Huntley or Brinkley”. In this quotation, Gates gives a perfect exposition of his family’s kitchen and lifestyle when he was young and growing u. This exposition is meant to connect his audience with his childhood lifestyle. The use of monologue as an expository device helps Gates to connect his audience with his childhood lifestyle in a very clear way.
In explaining his humble background, Gates says the following, “Mama would wash her hair over the sink, towel wrapped over her shoulders, wearing just her slip and her white bra. (We had no shower- just a galvanised tub that we stored in the kitchen…”. This quotation expresses the humble background of Gates, the fact that Gates’ family did not have shower, but just a galvanised tub that they stored in the kitchen means that Gates’ family was poor. Gates uses monologue to make this exposition about her poor and humble background. Through the use of monologue as a literary device in this exposition, Gates connects his audience with his humble background. This exposition will help his audience to better understand the main message that he wants to express in this memoir. It is good to note that Gates’ intended audience in this memoir is the Black Americans who were constantly trying to emulate the white people’s standard of beauty. Through the exposition of his humble background, Gates intended audience will be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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