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Analysis of the News Story about Fidel Castros Recovery - Term Paper Example

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The author of the "Analysis of the News Story about Fidel Castro’s Recovery" paper examines the news about Fidel Castro’s recovery was a well-done Cuban story. All the foreign televisions, radios and web-sites took over the news from the Cuban sources, or from their correspondents in this country…
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Analysis of the News Story about Fidel Castros Recovery
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Extract of sample "Analysis of the News Story about Fidel Castros Recovery"

Download file to see previous pages Fidel Castro's personality has two sides, one is shaped inside Cuba and the other one outlined outside Cuba, especially in relation to The United States of America.

On July 31, 2006, Fidel Castro announced that he was transferring the power to Raul Castro, because of intestinal surgery. On August 6, 2006, Castro presented a material, a letter for his people in which he was calming down the Cubans and all those who were worried about his health. This news was formed by several parts: a message, apparently written by Fidel, but read by his brother, some images with him after the surgery and the statements of some friends.

Even if the objectivity is controversial(thing demonstrated by the way in which Cuban sources presented the information), the story itself is very well built. Every good news must be formed by a beginning, a middle, and end and must have an antagonist and a protagonist. Cubans also knew that drama, especially on television, sell very good and has a certain impact.

From this point of view, Cubans knew how to present this news to obtain a great impact from their people. The beginning is like history because Fidel Castro is their leader for years and the Cubans love him very much. The intrigue is his illness and the end is the latest news about his recovery. The drama also requires controversy and in his message, Castro refers to the conflict with the U.S. This conflict is very well known and it started in 1960 when Cuba signed an agreement with the former Soviet Union to buy oil from them, and the U.S broke off diplomatic relations with the Cuban government. In the present, the relations are very cold because the U.S and President Bush plead for a change in the political system, for fair and democratic elections. But the Cubans don’t agree with the American intervention and because of that Fidel Castro reported on his message to the enemies, didn’t forget to mention that the troupes were ready to defend the country. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of the News Story about Fidel Castros Recovery Term Paper.
(Analysis of the News Story about Fidel Castros Recovery Term Paper)
Analysis of the News Story about Fidel Castros Recovery Term Paper.
“Analysis of the News Story about Fidel Castros Recovery Term Paper”.
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