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Does Jessica Cohen, in her Grade A: The market for a Yale Woman's eggs, meet the requirements for a person of integrity as defined by Stephen L. Carter in his , The rules about rules - Essay Example

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The first step is the discernment of what is wrong from what is right. The second step involves acting on the basis of that discernment, and consistent with the discernment, regardless basically of consequences, and…
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Does Jessica Cohen, in her Grade A: The market for a Yale Woman's eggs, meet the requirements for a person of integrity as defined by Stephen L. Carter in his , The rules about rules

Download file to see previous pages... This paper examines whether Cohen’s actions in her essay passes the three-step test for integrity prescribed by Carter, and argues that in fact, by discerning that egg donation is wrong, and by acting on that discernment and making it known through her published piece that he intends to shun egg donation, that he passes Carter’s integrity test (Cohen; Carter).
First it is important to note that Carter differentiates between honesty and integrity. One can say with little argument that Cohen was being honest, by writing about her thoughts in such a public way, about her experiences dealing with a couple who was looking for an egg donor for financial considerations, and to whose ad she responded. She was forthright in saying what she thought eventually of the whole thing. On the other hand, Carter says that integrity is more than just honesty. As embodied in his three steps, first there has to be discernment. Second, a person of integrity has to have the courage to act on what he or she has discerned. A person for instance may be against slavery, but unless that person also acts to end slavery, or free slaves, then that person has no integrity, even if he or she professes with honesty that he or she is against slavery. There has to be the three elements or three steps present to be able to say that a person has integrity. Say Cohen is honest, and the article seems very honest, but that does not necessarily make Cohen a person of integrity by the standards of Carter (Carter; Cohen).
So if Cohen was not a person of integrity for being honest about her thoughts and feelings about being an egg donor to a couple, then more must be done to examine whether in effect Cohen followed the three steps that Carter prescribed in his text on integrity. Looking at Cohen’s piece, one gets the sense that at the end she made a decision not be part of the whole thing. But then again towards the end the decision was made for her too. She was rejected by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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