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Some of these conditions are inhumane and hazardous to the workers. This essay answers the questions whether food consumers value their…
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Reflection 7
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Worker’s Rights In her article, Do Foodies Care about Workers, Sally Kohn takes us through various conditions that employees in food industries encounter. Some of these conditions are inhumane and hazardous to the workers. This essay answers the questions whether food consumers value their employees and what are they doing to ensure safety of the labor force. These issues are answered with reference to the ideas learnt from Kohns article.
I learnt of the unfortunate fact that most consumers care less about the people who process the food they eat (Kohn). There is an apparent indication that consumers and organizations are doing very little or nothing to cater for the welfare of their workers. The writer says that some foodies are prone to be outraged to the mention of raising pigs inhumanly. Ironically and remarkably, they tend to show little or no interest to inhumane working conditions their employees work in as they prepare the pork. Employees are entitled to safe working environment, better wages, no discriminations and a free working zone. Unfortunately, some companies are mindful of their returns solely. Workers thus suffer a lot.
I also gathered a vast knowledge of the existence of trade unions and their roles To ensure that worker’s rights are respected; there have been the establishments of various labor unions (Kohn). These organizations advocate for better wages of workers in foodies. They also inspect the working conditions of the employees to ensure that they are safe. For instance, Whole Food has for a long time been subjected to severe scrutiny after being accused of labor abuses and also union busting. According to Kohn, the Coalition of Immokalee was able to bargain for a pay increase of its workers by 75% by the year 2005.
Employees deserve better rights in their place of work. It is only wise for foodies to help them in fighting for their rights. It is inevitable that in the case of consumers eating low-quality food; they will outburst with complaints. They must help the workers in this fight. The unions must also aid in this struggle.
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Kohn, Sally. "Do Foodies Care about Workers?" Saloncom RSS. 19 July 2012. Web. 1 Nov. 2014. Read More
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Reflection 7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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