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The Connection between Human Rights and Social Work - Research Paper Example

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The Connection between Human Rights and Social Work Name: School: Article one identify all human beings as equal and born free, in the areas of rights and dignity. Therefore, based on their personal conscience and reason, they should relate with one another in a manner that depicts brotherhood (U.N., 1949)…
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The Connection between Human Rights and Social Work
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Download file to see previous pages The article links with the ethical code of discrimination as it abolishes all grounds for discrimination that include inequalities and freedom-domination measure. Besides the article links with the ethical code on using social and political action to protect all people by offering direction on the social action of brotherly relations (U.N., 1949). The article is related to the ethics of social work because it encloses the different ethical principles that guide the practice of social work. These ethical principles include a service outlook where the main focus of the article is guaranteeing that all people receive equal service; they should be allowed the freedom to get services and their dignity and rights should be safeguarded through and during the service of social workers (NASW, 2013). The ethical principle on social justice is connected to the article because it requires equal treatment of all people in the areas of according them dignity, rights, and freedom. The third ethical principle is the dignity and the worth of the person, which forms the basis for the freedom, equality and the rights accorded to all people (NASW, 2013). The ethical principle insisting on human relations is related to the article because it defines the outlook of human relations, where all are accorded freedom, equality, dignity, and their rights. The ethical principles on integrity and competence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Connection Between Human Rights and Social Work Research Paper.
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