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Of course, when we consider a speaker we often not only listen to what he says but also notice the ways of delivery he uses and how he looks like. That’s why…
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Using the Body School Speech craft is a complex of skills and special secrets presence of which in a speaker can define him as a goodone. Of course, when we consider a speaker we often not only listen to what he says but also notice the ways of delivery he uses and how he looks like. That’s why effective body usage and clothing style are crucially important in public speaking. For example, eye contact plays a very important role as its presence allows a speaker to keep public attention on him (Stein 2002). Without public attention a speech is considered to be a failure as eye contact makes people listen without distractions. In addition, which is even more important, the speaker that keeps eye contact with everyone makes each participant of the audience feel like the speaker is talking to him personally (Davidhizar 1992). This definitely makes the speaker attractive for the audience. Speaker’s appearance also plays key role in oratory process. First of all, nobody wants to look at somebody who looks unkempt; secondly, such a person would make audience feel disrespected by the speaker. Thus, of course, while deciding which clothes to wear for our speech we should first of all consider their appropriateness and adapt the style to the audience’s preferences. Comfort is also a very important thing in public speaking, as a speaker needs to feel comfortable in order not to be constrained in his self-expression while speaking. It is significant for a speaker to look attractive for his audience that’s why his use of body should be efficient and clothing style must be appropriate.
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