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Reading respones - Essay Example

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Through his experience from watching TV, he views the rest of the world in a certain way. He did not imagine how life without a television would be a…
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Reading respones
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Extract of sample "Reading respones"

In David Sedaris essay, ‘Us and Them’ he explains to us about how he participated in the culture of consumerism as a child. Through his experience from watching TV, he views the rest of the world in a certain way. He did not imagine how life without a television would be a possibility to any family. He failed to understand why anyone would want to live a life without a television set (Sedaris 1).
The text is relevant to my life since as I was growing up I was addicted to watching TV and like David it was difficult to imagine how life without a television set would be. I imagine it is very boring to live without a television in a home. I believe from the television individuals are able to learn on the daily happenings of life. This essay agrees with my view of the world that we should be open to learn new things and embrace opportunities in life. We should not let ourselves be behind what is going on in the world, instead, we should embrace the media to learn and get civilized.
The text addresses things that I personally care about and consider important to the world. Things such as good relationships with neighbors, moving with the current trend in the world, and avoiding being left out on what is happening are very important. The text is well written and it is good to read. It creates a sense of humor as one reads it especially how the author explains about Mr. Tomkey and his family.
Works Cited
Sedaris, David. "Us and Them." Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim (2004): 1-2. Read More
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Reading Respones Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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