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1.3 - Movie Review Example

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He perceives the world as a complicated place where there is place for both good and bad. He takes everything lightly as his character is full of emotions, principles,…
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Number] Dexter Dexter is about the character of Dexter Morgan who is a police officer in the day and a serial killer at night. He perceives the world as a complicated place where there is place for both good and bad. He takes everything lightly as his character is full of emotions, principles, and beliefs that are self-made and he does only what he thinks is right. His thought process seems to be very confusing in the first episode as he is seen doing many things and a series of flashbacks also follow. These events make it confusing for the viewer to understand his actual thought process. Precisely, he does what he thinks is right without thinking whether it’s right or wrong but he has standards.
Dexter is a very strong, intense, and straight forward person as he does only what he feels is right. He is living a double life which is hidden from his colleagues at the police department, his sister, and even his girlfriend. He is complex and very different from other single-headed ‘good’ heroes out there. However, the serial killer side of Dexter is not bad or evil as he believes he has standards and he would only kill those who ‘deserve it’. He leads the life of a ‘good’ serial killer and believes that he should use his skill to do something good which is killing the bad people.
Dexter has an adoptive sister who also works in the police department. She doesn’t know about Dexter’s serial killer side and thus she trusts him and loves him. Dexter believes that she is the only person in the world who actually loves him. His both adoptive parents have died but his father lives in his mind and guides him though everything that he does. Dexter feels haunted by these thoughts sometimes as they conflict with what he thinks. However, he values the teachings of his dad who taught him a code according to which he kills. His dad was the one who instructed him and taught him how to avoid getting caught and gave him the values to only kill those who deserved it.
Dexter’s psychological analysis would seem to be pretty disturbed. Even though he turns out to be complex and strong, he can be perceived as depressed and confused. He doesn’t know what he is doing but he wants to do everything the right way. He keeps his father in his thought process and loves his sister; he also doesn’t kill children as he believes he has some standards. However, despite this he is very complicated and difficult to understand in the first attempt.
The episode consists of certain moves such as killing of the child which Dexter refuses, the love for his sister, and the intimacy with his girlfriend which lets the viewers make assumptions on why Dexter is a good serial killer and why he is mentally disturbed. The audience assumes that Dexter is undergoing a troublesome situation or has in the past which makes him choose this lifestyle. However, he is taken as a very strong and talented character.
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Cuesta Michael. Dexter, Season 1, Episode 1. Read More
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1.3 Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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