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This research begins with the statement that in the book “Victorian Architecture: With a Short Dictionary of Architects and 250 Illustrations” by Dixon and Mutheisus peculiarities and functionality of Victorian buildings in order to form a right impression of the Victorian style are described…
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What Influence the Victorian Architecture
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Dixon and Mutheisus describe peculiarities and functionality of Victorian buildings in order to form right impression of the Victorian style. The book provides readers with a list of 250 of significant architectures that lived in Great Britain and changed the whole perception of that style. The authors of the book help to understand that the buildings of Victorian age were the very different since they served different purposes. The authors of the book claim that the changes in technology and political system were reflected in architecture of that time and the authors mark how it is possible to recognize the signs of the époque in Victorian architecture. As a sub claim the authors categorize buildings according to their types and purposes (buildings for living, for entertainment, for business and manufacture, building for religious purposes). It enables readers to understand how details and peculiarities of construction served specific purposes in Victorian architecture. However, each époque has its peculiar hallmarks. Victorian era was not an exception. But the changes implemented during this period influenced modern and postmodern architecture.
The book is valid for my work as it gives an excellent outline of the examples of British Victorian architecture with numerous valuable illustrations. The book is written in according to all academic requirements and is abundant with credible references. The authors of the book describe thoroughly details, peculiarities, functional aspects of Victorian buildings. The book develops my research with possibility to follow how the tendencies of Victorian architecture were modified later and implemented in new styles and directions.
In his book Curl offered a new perspective on Victorian architecture by breaking the myth of this type of architecture being depressive and monstrous. The author states his sub claim that Victorian architecture despite being originated in conservative cultural époque was able to combine utilitarian functions with aesthetic. The author explains how different purposes of architecture were implemented in life by Victorian architects and how this gothic accent appeared and how spectators concentrate on one side of architecture. The author found a number of examples of colorful and eclectic buildings not typical for general representation of this style in classic literature. The author of this book aimed to find out how to differentiate British architecture of the 18th and 19th and used several approaches: by styles, types of buildings and materials or by geographical locations. Curl managed to unite all these approaches and define his own vision of Victorian architecture. However, the book is written by light and comprehensible language and is illustrated by a number of useful illustrations.
This book can be valid to my research because it provides a number of black and white and colorful photographs of Victorian buildings which are often scarce. Professor Curl demonstrates his illustration with thorough and reliable analysis of the style making accent on the materials and palette. . However, the book also draws parallel between social context, religious, and political complexity of the time and the hallmarks of this complexity reflected in architecture. The book is exceptionally valuable for my research as it brings light to not so popular aspects of Victorian architecture and is written by the well-known professor who spent several decades studying this subject.
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Dixon, R. & Mutheisus, S. (1985). Victorian Architecture: With a Short Dictionary of Architects and 250 Illustrations. New York: Thames & Hudson Read More
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