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Tiger - Essay Example

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Tiger by Nalini Jones is a story that deals with many aspects of life in the modern world where individuals tend to live great distances from their families and rarely see them. It is a story which reveals Essie’s desperation to be with her daughter and granddaughters for a…
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Extract of sample "Tiger"

Download file to see previous pages Tiger shows how, in the modern world, as individuals get older, they want their children close, while at the same time their children wish to live their own lives independent of their parents.
In this story, Essie is depicted as a mother who wants only the best for her daughter and she does all that she can to ensure that Marian not only marries an Indian man but also settles down close to her (Jones 2). However, this does not happen and Marian instead ends up marrying Daniel, a man from far off America who Essie does not approve of because of his mild demeanor as well as his not being Catholic. This is a scenario which is often played out in many families as mothers, believing that they know what is best for their children, tend not to approve of their choices in life and instead choose to interfere in their lives. This creates a situation where it is difficult for mothers and these children to get along because it seems that each is living firm in their own beliefs. Such an incident has taken place in my family where an aunt of mine did not approve of her son’s choosing to marry a woman from another country and his decision to settle in his wife’s homeland. This situation brought a lot of friction between my aunt and her son and it has gone on for more than a decade now with none of them becoming flexible in their position. My aunt took an instant dislike to her daughter in-law and whenever they visited, she all but ignored her. However, despite my aunt’s dislike for her son’s wife, she adores their three children to such an extent that she would do anything for them. She always waits anxiously for them to visit every year so that she can spend her time with them. It is these children who have ensured that the connection between my aunt and cousin does not die because their being born made it possible for the latter to at least live on good terms for their sake.
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