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Art - Essay Example

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This is done by forming a line pattern through the colors that have been used. The pattern that has been brought out reflects space and nature. The…
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Extract of sample "Art"

Visual Composition My artistic composition is based on a painting that incorporates the colors white, brown of varied shades, grey and black. This is done by forming a line pattern through the colors that have been used. The pattern that has been brought out reflects space and nature. The abstract is a symbol of appreciating nature and the environment that an individual lives. This is evident through the recurring pattern of paint colors that have been used. The texture of the paint used appears soft from both proximity and also from far. The colors used have been given in order to contrast the natural colors while at the same time bringing out the feel that nature blends and fits well into any provided space. The point of view of the visual art argument is to bring out the symmetrical structural balance as per the balanced colors used for painting. Therefore, this abstract composition piece is meant to bring out aesthetic balance of nature as per the colors that have been used through visual composition.
Sensational effect is a factor to the aspect of the artistic abstract composition. This is due to the notion that, the colors and lines used bring out a sensational feel of any space that is a factor of the environment. My visual argument is based on the colors that have been used, the lines and patterns used for bringing out the balance as perceived of nature. This is based on the colors that have been used by the artist for this abstract piece. I used pattern, line, recurring patterns and proximity as my compositional interpretation of the abstract due to the emphasis that they bring out on aesthetics appeal. The most persuasive elements include balance brought in symmetrical from. This has been enhanced by the balance of use of colors. The balance brings out the feel of nature whereby, everything is aligned and proportional thus enhancing nature. The composition incorporated the use of line and color to form a pattern. The changes that are evident through the composition of abstract are that, the colors have been manipulated to suit aesthetic appeal.
The compositional choices are mainly based on color, line and form. This is because of the pattern that has been brought out through the line and colors used. Persuasive elements used include proximity in terms of softness of the painting and organizational structure. I believe that the pattern that has emerged gives the abstract painting a different view of aesthetics and appeal in nature most individuals’ perception is that, nature should always have specific colors for symbolizing effect. Grey and black is one of the colors that is used to bring out the environmentally friendly color.
My visual argument will convince the audience as per the efforts of symmetrical balance achieved and has been incorporated into the visual argument. The patterns generated from the color paintings are an indication of the nature always to occur in a balanced state. It is also a common that nature has always existed in a symmetrical dimension through the colors and form used. The argument is motivated by nature and appeal that the environment is part of and considers the artistic nature. The visual art incorporates ideas from the rocky nature and the sediments and depositions from a sea bed, hence ensuring that nature has been represented in the most convenient form possible. Read More
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(Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 67)
Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 67.
“Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 67”, n.d.
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