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Since childhood, pizza has remained the tastiest food I have ever eaten. My love for pizza has motivated me to understand its origin. This type of food is an Italian delicacy that emerged in the early 18th century. Many…
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The Personal Food
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The Personal Relationship with Pizza Introduction For many years, I had a special relationship with Pizza. Since childhood, pizza has remained the tastiest food I have ever eaten. My love for pizza has motivated me to understand its origin. This type of food is an Italian delicacy that emerged in the early 18th century. Many Italians have fancied pizza and have been consuming it for centuries now. The spreading of pizza across the globe has seen it receive a positive response from people of different age groups across the group. Original, pizza was just dough seasoned with tomato sauce. However, an evident revolution has existed, leading to different flavours that define the modem pizza. My favourite pizza should be hot and soft with a combination of different flavours. I am very impulsive when it comes to buying pizza and I am unable to control to restrain myself even if I have eaten at home (Turim). This is because the moments that I ate pizza during my childhood days defined special relationships that have persisted until the modern day. This paper will discuss my special relationship with pizza, highlighting its symbolic meaning in my life.
As highlighted above, pizza is not just any other food to me. The first time I ate pizza was during a family outing when my mother ordered a large pizza for the entire family. During a time when pizza was only a delicacy to the upper class, it was a special moment for me to share a piece of pizza with my family. Notably, we were still a struggling middle class family then, and the financial turmoil did not make pizza an everyday meal. Therefore, as a child, I had the ecstasy of eating my first pizza. It was an exciting feeling to share that large pizza with my entire family as a symbol of unity (Aronovich 48).
In the years that followed, during my elementary school days, I was invited to many birthday parties where pizza was served. This led to a symbolic relationship of pizza with long lasting friendships that I formed during my childhood days. During the celebration mood of birthdays, I bonded with my childhood friends. Until today, we still share a pizza when we meet in memory of the good old days. This is one reason why I have developed a unique attachment to the pizza (Aronovich 49).
During my high school days, teachers adopted a rewarding system in an effort to motivate students who performed well. The top three students in every class had a rare opportunity of sharing a pizza during the lunch hours. I remember working hard each term so that I could emerge in the top three categories in anticipation for the reward. Each time I was a top performer, and I joined in sharing the pizza that symbolized success, I remember feeling very proud of myself. This feeling has not disappeared despite the passage of time. On a long day, when I have to struggle with busy schedules, I always get a pizza at the end of the day. As I enjoy the tasty flavours, I still feel proud of myself for getting through a tough day (Aronovich 50).
Evidently, the experiences described above explain why the pizza has remained my favourite food for a long time. I have attached different types of relationships to the delicious taste of the pizza. At one point in my life, it symbolized family unity amidst financial struggles of middle class Americans (Turim). In my younger years, pizza defined birthday parties and was a central part of the friendships I formed during those days. It still symbolizes the long lasting friendships. As mentioned, I got to associate pizza with success and a feeling of contentment because it was used as an object of motivation in a school reward system. Without doubt, pizza has the most symbolic meaning in my life.
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