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James (hypothetical name) is a very noble person having age of 62 years. I met him in a nearby Super Store. I accidently bumped into him and he was just smiling and not even saying any single word of anger. He is in a period of age where we can witness a very mature and a…
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Late Adulthood interview
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Download file to see previous pages There in the store I asked him to give me some time. I explained all the details and asked him if he is willing to give an interview to complete my project requirements. I assured him that all his answers would be kept confidential and only be used for study or research purpose.
We mutually decided that we would conduct this interview session on Sunday (October 19, 2014) evening (7:00 pm) in a nearby Park. The access to the park is feasible to both of us. Therefore, we both are agreed that environment of the park will suit us to talk in a relaxed setting. On Sunday October 19, 2014, Mr. James gave answers to my scheduled questions and his answers are supportive to make a clear view about the physical, social and cognitive development in late adulthood.
At the age of 62, physically the people are not that much capable of doing any physical or hard work. They can put their extra efforts only where they have to use their brains, minds and most preferably experiences (Berger, 3). However, they may lack behind in the areas where physical involvement is required. Mr. James support this point of view by adding his own statement that he is not at all willing to commit a fieldwork rather he enjoys office work where he has to sit on office chair and then work. According to research, it is also proved that people in the older ages may get some physical problems of joints, knees or bones etc (Berger, 2). Mr. James is also facing this problem. He gets severe body pain in the cold weather. There is no solution to solve rather just take pain killers and then rest.
At this level of late adulthood, the people should search for the satisfaction and the happiness in the little things of life rather to get angry or feel bitter. These are the opinion of Mr. James when I asked him about the rapid changes in the society and the behaviors of the people. The research also show that at the late adulthood, the brain development is at the high ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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