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Research Methods in Criminal Justice - Assignment Example

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A. The newspaper reporter came up with a headline that read “Raising a child with both parents will do wonders for your childs future career success!” This headline depicts that raising a child with one parent meant that the child would not be as successful as it would be if…
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Research Methods in Criminal Justice
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Download file to see previous pages igation: the kind of parenting that a child had during upbringing, whether single parenting or with both parents present or no parent being there and the outcome of the upbringing (The success of the child in adulthood).
However, the journalist has written his headline in a definite manner likely to suggest to the reader that the only way one can raise a child who will be successful in future is by ensuring that both parents are present when the child is growing up. The outcome of the researcher’s work is clear and concise; the individuals who were raised by both parents exhibited higher career success scores than individuals who were raised by one parent. The journalist ought to have taken the point that the research was not as explicit as the newspaper article was. In journalism, it is recommended that the writer of the story leaves it upon the audience to form independent opinions on the matter after reading the story. In this case, however, the writer seems to suggest to the reader a certain position, which might be taken to be offensive by the people affected, especially individuals who were raised by single parents.
B. The researcher opted to post an advertisement online in a local advertising website in order to look for volunteers for his study. He then pays the participants $10 each for their participation and has them answer some question about their later career successes in life.
In undertaking research in this manner, the researcher cannot guarantee the authenticity of the data he came up with. This is because by posting the advertisement online, the researcher was seeking for volunteers. When he decided to pay the individuals who participated in his survey, he might have drawn the attention of other individuals who just needed to get some money, with the information they gave out being compromised. With this in regard, the researcher failed to insulate the data he would receive against people who were more inclined towards getting the ten dollars ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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