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Technical proposal - Assignment Example

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Using computers in teaching English for young learners is important and is vital in enhancing the performance of the students and the overall performance of an organization. The college I work for currently do not have an integrated students record management system that…
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Technical proposal assignment
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Download file to see previous pages In this regard, my institution is not able to accurately and timely analyze students’ data to inform future planning, strategy and service provision. As Campbell (2007) states, students’ intake and new admissions continue to increase while new programs continue to be adopted day by day by the college. The ever increasing records are difficult to handle just by a filing system, hence there is need to develop an effective, accurate and efficient way of managing students record.
The students’ record management system that is automated is the right technical change for the college. Students’ record management system is a computerized students’ record management platform that allows students, institution, teachers and administrators to interact. Students’ records help in enhancing students and institution relationship, providing services, facilities and support to the students, measuring and controlling students academic achievement at the institution and subsequently and support to the alumni. The automation of the students’ record system is expected to improve on accuracy and effectiveness of information capturing retrieval and generation of reports for each student. This would eliminate the loss of data improve services in the administration since accessing information would be within a short time.
The proposed students’ record management system refers to the computerized network distribution system that allows for the management of records involving the students in college or a learning institution. This technology will enhance a number of functions within the administration concerning the students’ records including registration of students in their respective programs, manage their fee data bases, manage their examination records and manage their accommodation booking and allocation as shown in figure 1. This is a software program application that is intended to provide timely information about all the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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