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Cases of Cyber Crimes and Threat of Terrorism - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Cases of Cyber Crimes and Threat of Terrorism,” the author discusses sets required for IT technical personnel and for entry-level IT managers. While IT technical personnel require vast technical skills, for entry-level IT managers need both soft and technical skills…
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Cases of Cyber Crimes and Threat of Terrorism
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Extract of sample "Cases of Cyber Crimes and Threat of Terrorism"

Download file to see previous pages Q3. Computer animation can yield realism and speed to a project. An image can be generated for the project and stored for later use without the need for drawing again or restructuring. This saves project time and cost. It always requires the animator to effectively determine the requirements of each phase of the project. However, program limitations often limit computer animations. On the other hand, 3D modeling approach has a big advantage of improving the overall design quality and ensures the minimal need for re-drawing. It lowers the time required for developing new designs and eliminates possible costly errors. However, effective results require training and it usually entails high start-up cost. Moreover, it is usually difficult to obtain a conceptual form.
6) Cost-benefit analysis: this section provides details about the cost of the project compared with the benefits of the project, thus providing critical information for deciding whether to pursue the project or not.
Accurate estimation of time and a budget requirement for a project is one of the most challenging tasks in project planning. Lack of historical data on which to make time and cost estimates for new projects makes time and budget estimation difficult, thus the possibility of under or overestimating the time and budget required for any particular project. Lack of historical data makes it impossible to know various hiccups in the process of implementation of the project that can lead to late project completion and costs above the initial budget. Also, little or no relationship between projects makes time and budget estimation difficult.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cyber Terrorism

...and the distributional network of companies and organizations, this leads to a fall in the level of stability in the economy. They cause bankruptcy of business organizations, thereby, contributing to losses of jobs and economic dislocation of people. Similar to the effect on the government, the occurrence of cyber terrorism may compel the business corporations to install stronger security systems that cannot be easily accessed. Since in a number of cases at least one of cyber terrorist has proved to be an insider, a greater vigilance over the activities of the employees of these corporations were be maintained and anyone found to be participating in these...
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Cross-Border Cyber Terrorism and Internet Crimes

...?With a fourth of humanity connected to the Internet, cyber crime poses a growing danger to the global economy. Given the large number of systems in multi-sectors now linked to the Internet for functionality, convenience and productivity, the menace is spreading its tentacles at a very fast rate. It is true that as per a recent Consumer Reports' State of the Net report, the odds of becoming a victim of cyber crime dropped from one in four to one in six, but this largely covers the aspects of spam, spyware and serious viruses. The emergent problems posing a serious threat to consumers, state authorities and IT security agencies are phishing, cross-border...
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Cases of cyber attacks

...? Cases of Cyber Attacks Cases of Cyber Attacks The historical landscape of how wars are fought changed drastically when Information Technology was used by developed countries to attack one another. Instead of bullets and guns, critical websites of government and news agencies are hacked or defaced to express political statement and display of IT power. In this paper, a comparison of three cases of cyber terrorism would be discussed to enable people understand the nature, power and threat caused by cyber attacks. Likewise, the governments’ initiatives to response to similar...
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Cyber Terrorism Case Study

...? Cyber Terrorism Case Study Cyber Terrorism Case Study Introduction With the continuing fast pace of technological development that have spanned during the current century, one is intrigued by the way criminal activities have used technological media to perpetuated havoc. The emergence and widespread use of the Internet globally has made this medium vulnerable to various threats and acts of violations of both personal and organizational privacy and security. Termed as cyber terrorism, the definition of which was revealed to have spurred difficulties in taxonomies, its meaning is hereby...
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Cyber threat analysis

...? Cyber Threat Analysis The increasingly growing technology has been stamped with similar rise in technological crimes. The rise of computers and internet that led to development of global world witnessed similar rise in cyber crimes that also conducted through internet and by the use of computers. Cyber crimes have had very serious implications on the economic and data security of various organizations and world in general. In attempts to reduce cyber mayhem, the following paper will discuss the concepts of cyber threat analysis and technologies involved in accomplishing...
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Threat Management Of Terrorism

...?Threat management of terrorismTerrorism has become the systematic weapon of a war that knows no borders or seldom has a face”. Jacques Chirac, Speech: Sept. 4, 1986 Introduction: Once known as a phenomenon restricted to certain parts of the globe, such as countries in the Middle East, South East Asia, or South Africa, terrorism today has transcended beyond those boundaries, engulfing almost the entire world in its grasp. Terrorism has truly become a global phenomenon, which has gripped nations across the world, leading to unprecedented chaos and destruction to human lives and property. It is hence imperative for nations and government administrations...
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Cyber Crimes a threat from the outside only. Due to the fact that unscrupulous and dishonest employees represent a threat, the firm should seek to ensure that a robust policy of oversight and compliance mitigates such a risk is also a primary means by which such a risk can be mitigated. As has been discussed, each of these threats is of dire importance for a firm to ensure that profitability and sustainment is furthered. However, as has been seen, each of these threats can work to be prevented; although it is of course impossible to ensure that such a risk is mitigated entirely. Yet, by implementing the above safeguards that have been discussed, a firm can seek to ensure that the...
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Cyber Crimes

..., the implications caused by these crimes are undoubtedly similar in terms of costs and the economic devastation cultivated through this vice. One of the common forms of cyber crime activity is the spread of Spam, which is the sending of identical emails to different accounts in which clicked at leads people to sites that could be hosting Malware. In many cases, spam messages are unsolicited,in which the recipient does not ask for these messages hence making it to be a threat to those that may be unaware of the existence of such contents. Theother type of cyber crime is phishing where these emails coerce victims into...
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Crimes Against Information Systems Analysis

.... While some motives and methods of cyber-terrorists are known, sufficient strategies to deter the crime are yet to be implemented. Emerging Threat of Cyber-TerrorismCyber-terrorism is the new crime preference to inflict havoc on the masses of society. Watson (2002) defines cyber-terrorism as "the use of cyber tools to shut down critical national infrastructures (such as energy, transportation, or government operations) for the purpose of coercing or intimidating a government or civilian population." (p.8) Over the years, the level of...
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Cyber Crimes

...objectives include illegal funds transfer and retrieval of information such as in cases of deformation need to undermine competition. Another type of cyber crime is “cyber stalking,” defined as continuous harassment initiatives or actions, over the internet that induces considerable threats to a victim (Gupta, 2006, p. 7). Examples of cyber stalking include online sending of intimidating messages or calls (Gupta, 2006). Another type of cyber crime that has developed with the increased level of dependence on electronic system is “software piracy” (Gupta, 2006, p. 9). Pirating software means stealing...
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