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An interview with a small animal expert - Essay Example

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Gert J. Breur, a professor of small animal surgery under Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine Directory. While I may not be able to observe the interviewee’s…
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An interview with a small animal expert
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Download file to see previous pages The nature of the dog makes its most attractive among Americans and to many people around the world. Dogs are extremely loyal and affectionate. They also look affectionate and cute that endears them to most people. They are also safe and relatively easy to maintain. Psychologically, they also tend to fill some void among humans that makes them attractive to us. For example, many experts would advise for us to get a dog if we feel lonely and to some extent, dogs can make us feel a little less lonely.
Yes dogs are very helpful in a family. First is that people in your house will have an automatic playmate. Do you also know that dogs are effective security guards and are extremely protective of their masters? They also bring laughter and joy in the family and to other people.
Are brings a sense of affection and responsibility to children growing up. They teach children responsibility on how to take care of something which first begins with a dog. In fact, there are some schools where children are asked to have a dog for them to be taught responsibility.
Dogs as cute and affectionate they may be are not for all people. Most people may love them but there are some people who finds them annoying and always “bother” them. Untrained dogs tend to have some “bothersome” trait as well such as destroying your things in the house or just plainly noisy. Most dogs becomes obedient when they are treated and fed well. But again, if the dog proves difficult, there are always obedient schools or people who could train dogs.
Probably you mean rabies where people contracted it when bitten by dogs. Yes rabies and dangerous and could kill people in a very disturbing way. This however can easily be remedied by having the dog injected with an anti-rabies solution to neutralize its rabies. Dogs also don’t normally bit people especially their masters and that is even if they are hurt. But of course dogs are animals who ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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“An Interview With a Small Animal Expert Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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