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Obesity - Essay Example

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The chemical composition in diets, little or no body exercise and stress, among other causative agents are rapidly giving room to the birth of overweight problems.
At this age, determining overweight…
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Download file to see previous pages Being in such a position can cause unnecessary panic to any adult. However, to get out of it needs critical analysis of the exact cause. It can be a craving for sugar, salt or something else. By understanding, it is easy to monitor and control the diet and sugar intake. In most cases, such cravings are a result of stress. Therefore, identifying a good stress management strategy is effective in fighting overweight issues. In addition, exercising frequently helps break cholesterol, improve blood circulation, reduce body tension and tone the body muscles. A good dietary recommendation is the Paleo diet. It consists of meat, eggs, nuts, spices, fruits, vegetables and seeds. The basic principle here is a high protein intake with a medium carbohydrate intake. Most studies indicate that this kind of diet is helpful in reducing diabetes, heart diseases and other obese related problems. Though a good dietary recommendation, it excludes other important food categories. This might in the long run bring about nutritional imbalance in the body. In addition, it gets an individual bored easily because of the food varieties.
Though not publicly discussed, overweight individuals are discriminated against at their work place. This always kills their morale and creativity since they appear like the black sheep. This is when such people seem unproductive and may end up registering low turn up (Berger, 77). Naturally, there is little control over body structure. Should my spouse gain excess weight, I will appreciate the change. I will be the closest encouragement, if possible help in observing diet, carry out some exercises, get rid of stress and take life positively.
It requires a lot of self-discipline in order to maintain a healthy body. Starving the body has never been a good option when losing weight. Instead, a balanced diet, free from processed food stuffs and high sugar content can help reduce weight. In addition, people should exercise since it tones the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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He is truly careless in his eating habits, depending on fast food restaurants and hotels and becomes addicted to fast-food culture. Knowingly or unknowingly, this fascination leads him to be the bearer of so many diseases which even science could not recognize.
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Behavioral Objectives: Cognitive: Students’ will be asked to visualize their own status of health and decide whether they fall into the ‘obese category’ or ‘a normal health category’. These categories will be based upon calculation of their Body Mass Index (BMI), through the proven formula (Formula: weight (lb) / [height (in)]2 x 703) which will be shown by the teacher to be mathematically as well as scientifically accurate (CDC Website).
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their body mass index (BMI), which is a measurement acquired through the division of the weight of an individual by the square of the individual’s weight, exceeds 30kg per meter squared, with the range 25-30kg per meter squared regarded as overweight (Friedman 633).
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