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The videos show that sports psychology is vital in the sports world, as it improves the performance for better results.
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Journal related to psyc
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First Section # TA: TA First & Weekly Journal – _15/10 ____ Part Topic of the Week point) Summary of video clip/quote/article (2-3 sentences):
This video clip talks about sports psychology, the misconceptions, goals, and rewards that a sports psychologist faces with athletes and coaches. The videos show that sports psychology is vital in the sports world, as it improves the performance for better results.
Commentary about why it was of interest to you (2-3 sentences)
I found this interesting because I did not know that the mental side of training is vital for success in sports. Initially, I used to know that physical training is the one that counts for success in sports. It is interesting that the mental approach to training contributes to the development of an athlete as per the profession and social life.
Source: (internet link, name of article, etc).
Dahlkoetter, JoAnn. Olympics 2014: Role of Sports Psychology Coaching for Athletes and Coaches?. YouTube. YouTube, 7 Jan. 2014. Web. 15 Oct. 2014. .
Portland Community College. What is a Sport Psychologist?. YouTube. YouTube, 16 Dec. 2013. Web. 15 Oct. 2014. .
Part 2: Weekly Goal (1 point)
My objective for this week is to explore more about the field of sports psychology, and get in touch with my mental side. This I aim to do so by understanding my psychology and develop my profession, whereby, I will be helping other people in regard to my profession.
Part 3: Assigned Reading Summaries (5 points = 1 point per chapter)
Assigned reading: Mack, Gary, and David Casstevens. Mind Gym: An Athletes Guide to Inner Excellence. , 2001. Internet resource.
Chapter Title: Yogi was right
Main concepts/topics (2 sentences)
This chapter reviewed that mental training improves productivity. Therefore, physical training is not the only important aspect for an athlete.
Overall Message (2-3 sentences)
The author’s main message was that mental training improves performance for better results. Moreover, mind and body training are paramount to the life of an athlete. Therefore, emotions affect the overall performance of a sports game.
Chapter Title: Mind games
Main concepts/topics (2 sentences)
This chapter reviewed the mind is a powerful tool. It can increase or decrease performance.
Overall Message (2-3 sentences)
The author’s main message was sports psychology is important when athletes have not reached their goals; that is when their life is heading to a negative direction; they need a boost. They need mental support as they cannot win a game on a daily basis; this is where the sports psychologist comes in.
Chapter Title: The head edge
Main concepts/topics (2 sentences)
This chapter reviewed that the mind has to be exercised daily. Moreover, mental training creates a head edge, as the mind is an important facet in sports.
Overall Message (2-3 sentences)
The author’s main message was the mind is an organ that requires daily exercise. One has to encourage the routine of a mind gym. Also, the power of positive thinking is imperative in the sports world.
Chapter Title: The pressure principle
Main concepts/topics (2 sentences)
This chapter reviewed that pressure brings about both positive and negative effects. As a sports psychologist, one has to advise the athletes to thrive under pressure in a positive manner.
Overall Message (2-3 sentences)
The author’s main message was pressure can be controlled; thus bringing out positive results. Moreover, the author emphasized on the need to train in pressure situations so that one can learn how to control this situation at all times.
Chapter Title: Mental toughness
Main concepts/topics (2 sentences)
This chapter reviewed that mental toughness is a learned skill. This concept enables one to condition their minds and think confidently despite all negative obstacles.
Overall Message (2-3 sentences)
The author’s main message was one cannot be a good athlete without being mentally tough. Therefore, by having the ability to block out all that is not important in a game or competition brings out a win.
Part 4: Guest Speaker Questions
Guest Name:
1. Question text___ what misconceptions do you face in your practice?
2. Question text___ what is the most difficult issue that you deal with?
3. Question text___ what has been your most rewarding experience?
Questions must relate directly to the weekly guest
What are some of the challenges of being a pro “football” player?
Questions must incorporate sport psychology principles/concepts
Do you have a mental skills program that you regularly use on a daily/weekly or monthly basis
What is your pre-game routine?
How do you deal with failure, distractions, or loss of focus?
Do you set goals?
Do you use visualization?
What mental strategies do you use to calm you down?
Total Points Possible per week= 10 Read More
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