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Comparative Analysis of The Communist Manifesto by Marand The Gospel by Andrew Carnegie - Essay Example

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The author compares The Communist Manifesto by Marand The Gospel by Andrew Carnegie and describes Karl Marx and Andrew Carnegie  different hypothesis on the impact of industrialization on the society…
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Comparative Analysis of The Communist Manifesto by Marand The Gospel by Andrew Carnegie
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Extract of sample "Comparative Analysis of The Communist Manifesto by Marand The Gospel by Andrew Carnegie"

Download file to see previous pages new phenomenon but industrialization led to the emergence of the two classes which included the laborers or the proletariats and the owners of the means of production or the bourgeoisie (Marx and Friedrich).
Carnegie on ‘the gospel of wealth’, wealthy individuals who have amassed their wealth through businesses must adopt a just distribution approach that guarantees good use of the money. Money from entrepreneurship venture must be protected and not spent on frivolous purposes which have no significant implication on the society and the people. The presence of poverty within the capitalistic world can be completely removed if entrepreneurs become philanthropists who share their business spoils with the disadvantaged in the society (Carnegie). In this paper, the thesis of Carnegie and Marx will be compared to provide a critical evaluation of how they impact on the society. The paper will adopt the position taken by Carnegie in the ‘gospel of wealth’ and advocate for the redistribution of profits and proceeds from business in capitalistic economies.
In the communist manifesto, Marx highlighted his views of the society and how industrialisation had created significant segregation of people into different classes. As captured in the opening phrase of the manifesto, the history of human beings has an age old practise of dividing the human population into various classes based on their economic abilities and the influence they hold in the society. The class struggles have not necessarily been influenced by everything, but more specifically the principle forms of production within the society. When the industrial revolution arose, the European society was defined by the position that the individuals held within the industries and the production factors that they controlled (Carnegie).
Those individuals who had the power to own the means of production such as raw materials, the cottage industries among other form of production belonged to the upper class and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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