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In Praise of Margins - Essay Example

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In Ian Frazier’s “In Praise of Margins”, the author mainly talks about his life as a child, and how he had “margins” where together with his friends he would do different things. These marginal activities according to Ian, to older people, can be viewed as a waste of time…
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In Praise of Margins
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Download file to see previous pages The major weaknesses of this study are concentrated on the different examples of margins. As Ian Frazier notes, margins include both activities and places. Therefore, margins could include visiting a park, dancing studio, and visiting a friend’s place; and activities such as playing football or any sport, listening to music, watching movies, reading, dancing, and hiking, among others. Therefore, whether it is activities or places, margins are of value, as they provide individuals with an opportunity to be themselves and care less about the things in the outside world. It is therefore, important that an individual has margins, including activities and places, owing to the many positive outcomes that margins hold for an individual. A major example of margins in Frazier’s essay is the woods. As a child, Frazier and his friends spent most of their time in the woods. At this place, they together, had fun with each other and felt more comfortable. In the woods, Frazier and his friends would escape from the real world. They engaged in activities such as making forts and shooting frogs with slingshots. They also engaged in the activities of crushing ice and climbing trees. Here, they created their own little world where they did as they wished without fear of judgment. Frazier believes that the things that he and his friends did in the woods were marginal. However, these were important, as they served a purpose in his future. As an adult Frazier still visits the woods. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In Praise of Margins Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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