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It permits a person to drive while obeying the various traffic rules. The process of getting a driving licence varies for states and age groups. In the case one is…
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Process of getting a driver license (car)
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Process of Getting a Driver’s License Outline Introduction 11. Steps I. Acquisition of a driver’s manual from a driving
II. Applicant undergoes medical tests
III. Verification of the applicant’s documents at the Driver’s Licence Centre
IV. Evaluation of the applicant
V. Undertaking driving test
Process of Getting a Driver’s License (Car)
A driving licence is a permit that issued to qualified drivers by the relevant regulatory authority in the state. It permits a person to drive while obeying the various traffic rules. The process of getting a driving licence varies for states and age groups. In the case one is below 18 years, some of the general steps taken to acquire a driving licence are described below.
The first step is to acquire a driver’s manual from a local Driving Licence centre. This allows a person to peruse through and gain understanding of the driving basics. It also stipulates the requirements for a person to be granted the driving licence. It states the legal age for and documents required in the process.
Secondly, the person should get tested by a physician for medical examination in order to complete the medical Qualification Certificate. For applicants above 18 years, the applicants signature should be on the application. A photo of the applicant is taken
The applicant can then visit the Driver License Centre with the credible documents. If the application documents are valid, the payments are made for the production of a driving licence. This is done in money order and other systems but not cash.
A knowledge and eye screening test is then given in order to determine whether the applicant has passed. If the applicant passes, a learner’s permit will be issued. This permit remains valid for one year for applicants above 18 years.
Finally, a road test is scheduled by a call or online where the applicant has to take the test. On this day, the applicant should have a valid learner’s permit, a proof of vehicle insurance, proof of the vehicle registration and accompanying driver’s valid driver’s license
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. "Obtaining Your Drivers License." Driver and Vehicle service (2014): 1. Read More
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Process of Getting a Driver License (car) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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