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Rhet 1000- internet harms social interaction - Essay Example

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Due to technological advancements in today’s world, there have been tremendous changes in the facets of social life impacted by the rise of social media. Cavanagh notes that the internet creates an environment in which people can work and communicate in isolation, as well as…
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Rhet 1000- internet harms social interaction
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Extract of sample "Rhet 1000- internet harms social interaction"

Download file to see previous pages Due to advancements in modern technology, which can overcome a wide range of obstacles related to space and time, it is possible to deduce that such technology should be used in more important ways including understanding multiples of cultures, as well as communicating effectively with other people. Use of the internet has dominated today’s global communications, which has led to a wide range of negative impacts on social interaction. Although the use of internet may have positive impacts, the level of negative impacts depends on the nature of people’s online activities and the different activities that they give up in order to spend time socializing using the internet. The use of the internet as a platform that supports social interaction encourages individuals to spend considerable time socializing through online mediums at the expense of companionship and face-to-face communications. In this sense, interaction socially could be hindered by the dominant use of the internet and other online social platforms.
Given the dominance in the use of the internet in the contemporary world, and its subsequent domination of social interaction, several issues arise. Pertinent issues related to impacts of the internet on social interaction include isolation. Evidently, the internet creates a world in which communication occurs in a virtual environment. The internet acts as an electronic mode that drives people out of the physical world and into a virtual space. Through connections in the virtual space, communicating parties may interact without challenges as if they are in a physical world (Cavanagh 36). As a result, the quality and number of physical social relationships that people develop is subject to compromise.
There is a great difference between online relations, based on social media, and physical interactions. People do not expect any more consequences from virtual relationships, apart from the communication ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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