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MIDTERM PART 4 - Term Paper Example

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Since the pre-independent days of America, non-whites have not been privileged enough to enjoy full rights and freedom of American citizenry. Multiracial and multiethnic…
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Extract of sample "MIDTERM PART 4"

America’s Ethnic and Racial Dilemma America’s Ethnic and Racial Dilemma There are three concepts that intertwine within the society; racism, ethnicity, and gender stereotyping. Since the pre-independent days of America, non-whites have not been privileged enough to enjoy full rights and freedom of American citizenry. Multiracial and multiethnic population, unified by a Federal Government, defines America’s demographic trends. Until the present century, gender stereotyping still plays a role in determining the allocation of roles and responsibilities within the community. Majority of men still view themselves as being superior over women especially in job hiring and occupational division of labor (De Jesus, 2005). While racial disparities have been on the forefront in shaping America’s socio-political and socio-economic context, ethnicity has been trailing in significance. Many people readily recognize racialism at the expense of ethnicity (Watts, 2005).
The battle against racism and racial confusion diminished after the second world war. During the war, Americans fought in solidarity irrespective of race, gender, and ethnicity. Racial and ethnic prejudice and biases dominated American life system thereafter. Racial intermarriages and ethnic assimilations attribute the major causes of racial and ethnic confusion. Intermarriages were because of different factors. The white skin complexion has always been associated with superiority and freedom. Such is a fact emphasised by the way pure white Americans view themselves as being superior over other mixed race or non-white Americans. The fact that veterans might have gotten raw deals after the war could have forced in them, a push towards neutralization interactions. Thus, intermarriages and assimilations came to being.
Racial confusion intimidates the victims (Kwan & Speirs, 2004). Most of the victims of race and ethnic diversity often find themselves in discriminatory and intimidating scenarios. The problem is outrightly persistent and may take several decades or centuries to end. Many non-whites who had migrated to America with ambitions of getting better life deals ended up not living the American dream. They meet harsh racial environments that shattered the development of both their intellectual and practical professionalism (Spickard & Fong, 1995). During the war, however, Americans fought as a nation and not as individuals. There were utmost unity and togetherness, and no one saw a difference on the other. The unity ought to have continued among the people beyond the war period. However, the then whites-dominated government and the perceived superior races failed to spearhead unity and harmony between different races and ethnicities making up America.
The Federal Government failed to grant equal opportunity to both whites and non-white citizens after World War II. For instance, by refusing to provide low-interests mortgage loans to all qualified applicants, the Federal Government propelled the existing inequality that non-whites face. In trying to find a place among the favored race, many non-whites could have opted to find ways of interacting with the whites. Probably, one of the reasons or intention for intermarriages and complete assimilation of races was to put an end to or reduce racial hostility felt by non-white Americans. Critically, the Federal Government did not act in the best capacity by racially discriminating against prospective occupants of individual residences. Freedom and rights of movement and residence ought to exist to protect the interests of inferior races.
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Watts, M. (2005). Not White Enough, Not Filipino Enough: A Young Mestiza’s Journey. New York: Routledge. Read More
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MIDTERM PART 4 Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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