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Factors that Influenced Career Choice - Coursework Example

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The paper "Factors that Influenced Career Choice" describes that according to the alumni Anderson securing a good summer internship is a very valuable step for a law graduate. It not only gives him good experience but many times the internship can land into a permanent job…
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Factors that Influenced Career Choice
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Extract of sample "Factors that Influenced Career Choice"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the times the choice of a career path based on role model is just a mere fantasy that disappears as quickly as they are formed.2 However some of these dreams of career path and the chosen role model are not mere fantasies but do have a lasting impression or pay a deciding role. However, all the fantasies changes when the person is mature enough and there are many other factors that influence his decision. There have been many factors that have influenced the choice of my career. The three ways which have played a primary role in deciding a career option for me are listed below:
Skills and abilities- It was said to us in our course study that although each of us has more than 500 skills with us, each of us is expert only in certain particular skills.3 It is necessary to identify the particular skills that each of us is expert in. Considering skills and how those skills fit in a particular job environment is a very old process of finding a job. However, this criterion is still relied on and used today. This is a form of trait factor theory. A very easy way to do this is to list all the job-specific skills that one can have. The next step is to identify those skills amongst the list mentioned that one loves using. Now amongst the skills that one loves using it is important to find the skills in which one is good at. These skills in which one is good, as well as adept, are the prime skills of an individual and the job search should be based on a match between the prime skills and skills required for the job.
Understanding the graduate market- The next important factor that helped me decide my career path was to understand the current graduate market scenario in the UK. This study of the graduate market in the UK helped to identify the skills that were in hot demand. It also helped me by the following the trend to identify whether to go for higher studies after completion of my graduation course or to search for and join a job. In the context that I have to join a job what are the companies that I should be looking for. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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