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You will also note that different pages limits are given for each question. Please observe the limits. Responses are to be written in essay format type-written, using…
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Mid term Part You will that the points available for each question vary as indicated at the beginning of each questions.You will also note that different pages limits are given for each question. Please observe the limits. Responses are to be written in essay format type-written, using the format specified for your reflection essays.
(35pts) Extraterrestrials form a solar system millions of light years from earth arrive in Washington DC. These beings who look like the people of hair texture etc. are intergalactic explorers and scientists on a peaceful mission, and they are welcomed by earthy leaders. Questions that are of particular interest to the scientist in this group are as follows:
1what is race? 2. What is its purpose on your planet? 3. We find that our meritocracy has served us well; allowing as doing amazing things, would a meritocracy work for you? Pleas answer the extraterrestrials questions. Page response maximum=3
1. What is race?
Race is analyzed as the social construction that involves the racial classification with a common meaning. Racial formation includes both the racial groups and the constant racial thought. With the human interaction with the natural differentiation, the emphasis on the power of race in our current society greatly traverses with the ancestry and appearance of the individuals of a certain society. Hair, complexion facial features are major characteristics that influence the domination of races in lives (Williams, 1996). For a number of learners, that questions the different concepts of racial differences and ethnicity, cultural and heritage as well as nationality has been invested in the racial-differences. In the racialized realities that involves ethnic rituals that shows the historic interracial studies that helps in interacting with people coming from different backgrounds with the highly racialized boundaries ( Newport, 2011).
2. What is its purpose on your planet?
The implications that multicultural classes vary from the ethnic studies classes that explain an historic separation of different races that is normal. The racial subject that is brought about by the common norms among people is manifested in the racial and economic prospects of different communities. Cultural differences is insurmountable that creates the existence of the “bona fide” mono racial groupings (Williams, 1996). Currently, all the learners were not challenged to consider on how race races are constructed. Therefore, making the claim that the race is faulty concept is significant its sociological application that do not mention in the interracial relationships, marriages and families. This is the complexity of different identities in the social locations of the traditional study of races as well as ethnic relations.
In the action-oriented multidisciplinary educational model, the ethnic studies that allowed critical and transgressive self-interrogation that explains the membership that relates with other fields in the ethnic studies (Lopez, 2000).The related histories and experiences of the marginalized groups that associates the multicultural persons helps in explaining the main implementation of ethnic studies ( Zack, 2006).
3. We find that our meritocracy has served us well; allowing as doing amazing things, would a meritocracy work for you? Pleas answer the extraterrestrials questions.
The ethnic studies that functions in the ideal environment discourses the multicultural and multiracial approaches that should be very compatible, their sociopolitical boundaries. As a way of examining the multiracial experiences identity of different people has developed in relation to the study of ethnicity. In other words, there is emphasis on the intergroup relations in the ethnic studies. Programs that are designed while examining the racial difference tend to examine the interracial and panethnic dynamics that elaborates on the minority and majority paradigms that are taken into account (Pellegrini & Bronski, 2014).
Race is not an illusion but a progressing, contradiction that that is self-reinforcing and involves the processes social and political struggle in the general daily decisions. People are not only identified with color, but they are implicated with the building and maintenance of social racial constructs that are genetically distinct with the human nature (Bradbury, 2012).
In as much as there are necessary commonalities that are racially mixed in the American approach, the multiracial view varies dramatically form one individual to another, and from one place to another. Therefore, there are mixed dialogue between the multiracialism and certain ideological incongruities that exist among individuals of different ethnic groups (Newport, 2011).
Bradbury, R. (2012). The Martian chronicles. New York: Simon & Schuster.
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Pellegrino, A., & Bronski, M. (2014). "you can tell just by looking" and 20 other myths about lgbt life and people. Boston, Mass.: Beacon Press.
Williams, T.K. (1996). Being different together in the University classroom. Thousand oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
Zack, N. (2006). Thinking about race (2nd ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth.
Newport, F. (2011). The Gallup poll public opinion 2010. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers,Inc.. Read More
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