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The paper "Analysis of Two Images" discusses that the image illustrates love in the family. The man and the woman are looking and smiling at each other; likewise, the son and the daughter are also looking at each other. The looks and the smiles illustrate the love between family members. …
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Analysis of Two Images
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The length of the woman's hair illustrates that she has flowing hair, which represents beauty by any standard. The hairstyle is good; it is fully plaited and held in place by a small white ribbon.
The mood illustrated in the picture is sombre. The facial expression is sad. The color used on the walls of the room is dull; this illustrates the unhappy environment inside the room. The woman is starring down outside the window; this illustrates that the room is upstairs, and the woman is observing an event or person(s). The event may be a sad one, according to facial expression. The person being observed maybe a loved one who has just left the house (Friel 34).
The second image shows a joyful and exciting event. It can be safely assumed that the picture represents a nuclear family on holiday. The family has a father, mother and three children. The children comprise one boy and two girls; this illustrated by their mode of dressing. The holiday destination is a beach because of blue waves illustrating the sea, the brown color showing the sand, and the background showing a mountain or hill range. The destination seems secure and private. This is because other people are not indicated in the picture. Luxurious hotels usually offer private beach tourism package.
The nuclear family illustrated in the picture is not dressed for the holiday occasion. The man is informal clothing and the woman and daughters in dresses. Beach events require beachwear and swimming costumes.  Read More
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