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The author tells about the event organized by Wildlife organization in the institution to the zoo started at a high note with learning and adventurous activities. The students studied different animals like the giraffe, gazelle among other animals and their ecosystem…
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Worse Zoo Encounter
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Worse zoo encounter
The event organized by Wildlife organization in the institution to the zoo started at a high note with learning and adventurous activities. The students studied different animals like the giraffe, gazelle among other animals and their ecosystem. All was perfect until something amiss happened to the shock and dismay of all students and instructor alike. Towards the end of the tour event, one of the students was left behind when his mischief drove him deep into the park, loosing track of the footpath back to the reception area. His motives were ill-conceived because he desired to hunt and kill an antelope for its meat. It took him longer than he thought which led to frustration from the colleagues hence leaving him behind. It spelled disaster to him because he was not in line with school regulations and to make it worse; he had strict parents when it came to unruly character.
He claimed that he was attracted to lions though it was because of his cunning character, which lead him to conclude and decide to take chances. That is what led him into such a big trouble. He became scared to death after learning that he had been left alone just beside the lions and the other dangerous animals around having achieved his mission and failed to meet the bus. Moreover, the concern raised earlier in the day by his parents drove him nuts and could not bear the encounter. He could not afford to tell this to his parents for they were happy that their boy had successfully attended a study session involving environment they were fond of keeping it in check.
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