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The movie titled Sicko produced by Michael Moore in 2007 is one of the documentaries that serve to reveal the scandals in the American Health insurance systems. For many years, the American government has been striving to ensure that its citizens have access to quality health…
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Evaluation essay
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Download file to see previous pages The movie drew numerous reactions from Americans. For some Americans, the movie exposed what has been happening in the health care system denying the Americans the level of health care they deserve. For others, the movie is, but an exaggeration of the existing drawbacks in the health care system. A close analysis of the movie reveals that Moore addresses critical issues that need attention if the health care system is to be improved. This paper will highlight how Moore successfully exposes the frauds and the scandals in the health care system.
A documentary that seeks to make a revelation of an existing failed system should present facts and accurate statistics. It is wrong to make false accusations that lack evidence of proving the claims. This is what is expected in Moore’s film. For it to qualify as a successful documentary, it is critical to analyze whether Moore uses facts and provides evidence for all the claims that he makes. In addition, the claims made by a documentary should be compelling and strong enough to influence policymaking. This is the reason why producers should look for substantial evidence that can influence policy making in the end. The purpose of the documentary should remain evident and the producer should stay from propaganda. The integration of the producer’s opinion with voices from people considered as an authority in a specific field serves to validate the claims made in the film (Moore). Moore’s film can be analyzed based on these criteria in an effort to ascertain that he succeeds in making a documentary that exposes the failure of the health care systems.
Evidently, Michael Moore presents facts in his film. He uses statistics to explain the percentage of Americans who lack insurance. He also highlights that over 45 million Americans have insurance covers that prove inadequate when they need medical care ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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