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­ Movie Analysis Paper Name University Movie Analysis Paper Antz is one of the most enjoyed animated movies ever. It has the credit of being the second animated movie released by Dreamworks Production in the year 1998. It is an adult comedy basically targeting adults and teenagers…
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Movie Analysis Paper
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Download file to see previous pages There is this unpleasant state of revolt inside him that makes him fight for his rights and be different from others having the right to make decisions and choices for oneself. During the course of the movie Z falls in love with Princess Balaand just to get sight of her switches position with his friend Weaver. This unintentional act brings Z to a point where he has to be a part of a battle that has evoked. Unaware of his fate Z embarks on this battle and apparently stands out victorious and as a hero for all the ants. Eventually Z leaves for insectopia, a place where the food surface the streets. Antz is basically a movie for adults and teenagers merely because of the use of violence and abusive language that has been incorporated in the movie. The violence in the movie might be a bit too much for children therefore it is obligatory to mention here that this movie is preferable for only adults and teens. Another reason to label this movie as an adult comedy is because of the level of humour that has been used in the movie is feasible for adults only and can at times be quite boring for the younger ones to cope up with. "So when an unlikely turn of events marks him as a hero, Z does the last thing anyone would have expected-he rises to the challenge. And before he knows it, Z really is a hero-leading the entire worker ant colony in a revolution against conformity. Which just goes to show you: no matter how small, weak, or insignificant he might be, one ant CAN make a difference!" (Weiss, 1998) Another aspect in the movie that shows organizational culture is the totalitarian form of government that is seen initially before the occurrence of the revolt. Initially the ants were oppressed, having no say in the governance what so ever. They had to follow the norms of the prevailing society and struggle for their basic necessities. The King and the ants in power therefore had all rights over the people (ants) and used to govern the sate n such a way the fellow ants were generally oppressed and deprived of their fundamental rights. The story eventually changes its course when an ant who is not content with the present social state takes a step forward to change the existing system. So the concept of individual liberty has been shown in the movie. Z embarks on a journey to change the system that existed there which is all unintentional and also get his love therefore he had to switch position with his friend and take up the challenge to be part of a battle that would eventually change his position forever Labeling him as the ultimate hero and an inspiration for others who demand to change the totalitarian system. Therefore the organizational culture that prevailed initially in the movie was totalitarian with a monarch and defined rules and regulations that needed to be followed irrespective of personal will or choice. But when Z came to power things changed which sort of changed the system proclaiming a single individuals power and developing a sense of liberty in the people. This change in a system was the basis of which the organizational cultured changed. The evolution from to totalitarianism to liberalism is drastic and something that was brilliantly executed in the movie. The violence showed in the movie is also executed in a very professional manner keeping all the minute details and the spirit of war alive. As battle and revolts is a part of the society therefore unity, mutual cooperation was shown. Apparently the violence shown was quite loud for animated movie. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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