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State capitol - Essay Example

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Quite a few that are still actively held in high value are so on account of the American history the nation has undergone. Virginia State Capitol building is one of those important and…
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State capitol
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Download file to see previous pages it was precisely constructed in the year 1619 and was serving as the Virginia House of Burgesses and since then has been in place in its very own state reflecting its grandeur and poise in terms of the rich American political history that the country enjoys. The formal proceedings and handover of the building which led it to becoming the Capitol took place in 1788 (Spears, 2012, p. 86) under the then Governor Thomas Jefferson who would go on to become the President of United States of America.
Through the different phases the building has seen numerous developments and improvements as the field of architecture and developmental works saw progress. Numbers of stories have been added to the building making it more accommodating and larger in its existence through timely modifications and additions. Underground constructions have been established which have enabled accommodating and adjusting more set of individuals and visitors in its parking areas and other surrounding localities.
Defined as a model pattern based on the cubic architecture and structural design (Giordano, 2012,p. 130), it is considered novel on the account of political standing, the design so followed and the richness in terms of the architectural richness that it possesses within itself beholding the rich history spanning over more than two decades.
Another significant existence of the building is the fact that it has been crafted through the ideas of the French professional craftsman who worked on it and designed it on the request and instructions of the then governor Thomas Jefferson.
Owing to its importance in the context of the overall political and American civil life society, the place is a center of attention and a central hub towards the visitors from the various states within United States of America and to those who travel United States of America and have some level of affiliation and interest in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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