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Call to Action - Essay Example

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The initiative, dubbed ‘Exercise Medicine Initiative’ was spearheaded by US surgeon General Regina Benjamin incorporating both US Department of Health and Human Services and American College of Sports Medicine and Medicare. This followed escalated health and well-fare…
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Call to Action
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Download file to see previous pages porating communities, public and private sectors as well as families aimed at changing the negative notion about illness and obesity to a positive one peddled by alteration of national conversation with particular focus being healthy and fitness.
The identified news article is the Public Health report Journal published in July-August 2010. It is traced from the PMC (PMC2882598) regarded as US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. The report has been a vocal tool based on call to action proactive strategy. The initiative assigned specific roles to different institution and individuals. It is inspired by the need to reduce overweight and obesity based on promotion of exercise across the board.
The ‘Exercise Medicine Initiative’ being a multinational and multi-organizational, is embedded on promotion of physical activities as the pillars upon which treatment and prevention of obesity and overweight are pegged. It culminated into immediate exercised-based actions spearheaded by close interactions amongst clinicians and patients. The report culminated into beneficial linkages between fitness professionals, the public and clinicians presenting avenues for instructions aimed at ensuring active and healthy individuals.
Actions thus emerged to proactively advocate for exercise as the new medicine for obesity. With respect to communities, schools and workplaces, physical activities have been promoted to ensure well-being and increased health stocks. Besides, policy makers have also refocused on physical fitness-attached policies (Kazaks, 2013, p.122). This has also extended to clinicians as well as fitness professionals who have been subsequently incorporated exercise in their interaction with patients and clients. Media has remained the centerpiece in mobilizing the public to be educated and empowered via physical exercise consultations and counselling. Websites have been developed to sensitize people and patients on the pros attached to this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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