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Significantly, there are different concepts and theories about the early civilization; all the same, civilizations in various parts had noticeably dissimilar patterns when it comes to aspects such as settlement. When it comes to the economy, civilizations have always depicted…
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Early civilization
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DRAFT English Essay Early Civilization Significantly, there are different concepts and theories about the early civilization; all the same, civilizations in various parts had noticeably dissimilar patterns when it comes to aspects such as settlement. When it comes to the economy, civilizations have always depicted sophisticated outlines of possession and altercation than the less controlled cultures. Decisively, in the past, people have come up with explanations about the results of the collapse civilization, most of them arguing that some of the developments such as technological or economical led to the clash of civilizations. Today, people try hard to adopt the civilized ways some knowingly and others take part in it without the knowledge; largely, this is because of the different cultures and environmental settings that come with the ‘new generation’ where people inherit behavior and traits as part of culture.
During civilization, nomadic writing was about how dissimilar aspects interact and change affecting people to become prospectus writers; this involved people using text to communicate about things and situations of their lives. Today, people are involved more in nomadic writing than oral as facilitated by the vast technology advancements; typically, people communicate more through messaging and other facets of the social media. Nonetheless, today’s relations do not necessarily fit the utter definition and characteristics of nomadic writing but the relations and mode of communication adds it all up.
During civilization, the male gender dominated the women as they all significant and respected roles in the society; moreover, women felt unmindful and helpless before their suppression to men. The key aspect here was that the men were the head and most substantial in the community. Over the years, there have been changes in the male and female statuses with women making remarkable contributions to the growth of the society by working harder in all aspects and dominating some of the men i.e. education, careers etc. Nonetheless, despite the effort, men are still representing in high-level situations; for instance, the presidency and prime ministers seats in most of the nations have men sitting on them.
Reflectively, before development, people used to clothe in a very different way based on the gender; assertively, men used to wear shorts or briefs alone, and women tops and under-garments too (all of the clothes made from animal skin). This mode of clothing was there to ensure that people covered the essential parts of the body, and during the cold season, people would improvise all possible types of clothing to maintain warmth. Today, people from the entire world have adopted a western culture that does not portray any decency when it comes to dressing; unfortunately, women are the most affected as the clothes they wear are absurd. During civilization, one can understand and consider that people dressed the way they did due to lack of any other option; however, today one’s way of clothing is a choice since there is a wide variety of clothing choices, most of them maintaining decency.
Initially, after the collapse, theorists had different notions on the results of the clash of civilization; most of them talking about political effects such as state conflicts and democracy based affairs. Nonetheless, nobody ever thought that there might be restoration of civilization and definitely not in this modern way.
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