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The Hollow Earth - Research Paper Example

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The Hollow Earth Belief The Belief The belief that I am going to debunk in this research is the idea of earth being hollow. The concept of a hollow Earth is still encircling in the minds of quite a few researchers and cultures. This belief is also a part of some the conspiracy theories emerging in this present time…
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The Hollow Earth
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"The Hollow Earth"

Download file to see previous pages This theory is supported with an example of sea which can move across the sides of the holes or a traveler would be move over the other side of the hole just like an insect, which crawls over the top of a glass from one side to another, while being unaware of its surroundings. Richard Bernard, a researcher, justifies the theory by saying that the aircraft pilots are unable to see the holes because they are misguided by the compasses, which they carry, into believing that they are just crossing one of the two poles, instead of going into the inner crust of the earth. He says that the compasses are following the magnetic rim of the holes. And that these pilots never actually fly over the poles, which are in fact the centers of a given holes. Raymond’s’ claim was supported by a statement by Admiral Byrd, which goes like this "I'd like to see that land beyond the Pole. That area beyond the Pole is the Great Unknown." (the hollow earth, 2010) People who believe that the Earth is hollow are tend to believe the following The concept of a North Pole and a South Pole is not real. They are in reality wide openings of up to 1400 meters leading to the interior of the Earth, which is hollow. (Rodney, 2010) The central sun heats up the interior of the Earth, and the temperature of the interior sphere remains around 76 degrees Fahrenheit, which is neither cold nor hot. (Raymond, 1991) A large population is living in the inner surface of the Earth, the land on the other side of the holes at the poles. They are believed to be there, since the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria sank. This civilization is thought to be way more advanced than our own and the invention of flying saucers is attributed to them. A popular conspiracy theory extends the contact of this civilization with the U.S army, and they are taking advantage from the vast knowledge possessed by that civilization. (Billie & Woodard, 2008) So the focus of this research is to analyze the belief held by people about the Earth being hollow. First these three beliefs would be would be examined in a more detail, their origins and practicality, or lack of it, would be judged. In the end the contradictory concepts would be discussed and in the conclusion reason would be given about the validity of this weird belief. Origins and Supporters of the Belief The exact amount of people who do believe in the theory that Earth is hollow is not known. But this much is known that its not a high percentage of population with these believes. There is a bunch of people who have formed a group and call themselves the "Flat-Earth Society". (Childress & Raymond, 2009) There is another group, equally vocal, who believe that the earth is hollow. Several years ago, a group of "believers" informed a member of the Geophysical Institute staff that there was an opening to the center of the earth in the Alaska Range, and that this was an entry and exit point for flying saucers. (Robbins, 2003) Origins This theory originated from the mind of a British astronomer, Edmund Halley, he was the first to come up the theory that earth might consist of several concentric spheres, each placed inside one another like concentric spheres. He further stated that the two inner most spheres have diameters matching that of Venus or Mars, while suggesting that the solid inner most core is as big as planet Mercury. The inner spheres rotate at different speed than ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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