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Claim and fact - Essay Example

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However with time it has emerged that women too can lead bringing up the issue of competitive leadership between men and women. Therefore, the big question remains, are women better leaders?
Women are recently…
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Claim and fact
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Extract of sample "Claim and fact"

Download file to see previous pages men shun the positions all the same because of the negative perceptions that the society has towards women who are senior in organizations (Deal and Stevenson 289). Such women are believed to have given sexual favors to men to acquire such positions. At times, they are hated by men or even discriminated. A very good example is Margret Thatcher who even to death was hated by many men (Brenner 382).
The increasing impact made by women in leadership positions mostly the senior most positions has led to research to examine the effectiveness of women as better leaders. Research shows that it is natural for women to employ some skills. Women are non-coercive, team players as well as a proficient in making better relationships (Kolb et al. 306). Furthermore, female qualities such as expressive, emotional, cooperative, tactful, warm, gentle, and talkative as well as submissive (Park 15).These qualities of women make them have a more nurturing, motivational as well as based on relationships their work.
Women juggle with a lot of house work. They cook, raise children, and they do laundry as well as they clean the house at the same time they go to work. It is very challenging to do housework as well as be a career woman yet women still succeed. This has made them know how to prioritize their work. Men lack priority in their type of leadership skills. Organizations require prioritization. Men are aggressive, and task oriented while women work on the relationships of the employees. This in turn results in a better outcome. Women are more transformational leadership works well in any organization. This the best type of leadership that is required in any organization. Women model their organizations they take them as their responsibility. They know that that it is their home. There is a famous saying that says “give a woman a house and she makes it home.” This simply means that women transform everything that is left under their care. Every place that requires a leader ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Claim and Fact Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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