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Personal Belief - Essay Example

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Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results; this is what is called the law of attraction. It also can happen to ward the other side, when the person got a bad thing, because he thinks negatively. From…
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Personal Belief
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Extract of sample "Personal Belief"

Download file to see previous pages I graduated from high school long time ago. After graduation, I started to apply to colleges to continue my study. I choose to study Computer Engineering, which was my dream. Although my GPA in high school was high and I was very good in math, I wasn’t sure that I would be accepted in the program because I always have low self-steam and I thought they would not accept me, because they have applicants who are qualified for their program better than me. One month after my application, I got letter through the mail. It was from the university and while I was trying to open the envelop I wasn’t so excited, because I expected to find the refusal letter instead of acceptance. They wrote to me that they accepted me in agricultural instead of engineering college, as they think that it fits me better. In fact, I didn’t try to register in any other college because I believed them. I didn’t want to waste my money and my effort and at the end the answer will be the same. So, I decided to accept the offer. After one semester, I start to realize that this is my future and I don’t have to study something not interesting to me. So, I left the college. Because of my finance issue, I started to seek for a job, hoping that after I saved some money, I would continue my study.
I applied for very big company, which had a lot of offers, high salary and good insurance. I was excited in the beginning, dreaming about the money, tickets that it would give me, insurance that would cover my expenses and my family expenses as well. After I got the interview, I started to worry about the job and for the whole week preceding the job interview my mind was occupied with all negative things that could happen during the interview. I actually, anticipated failure. During the interview, while they were asking me, I was worrying about my appearance, my tone and my answers, which distracted my attention and made it difficult for me to focus on the interview. The atmosphere ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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