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A rape assault of an 11-year old by a 18 young men whose ages range from middle schoolers to approximately 27 years appeared in New York Times (McKinley). As reported in the newspaper, it is a horrifying account from the victim’s age based on the number of older assaulters…
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Independent Study A rape assault of an 11-year old by a 18 young men whose ages range from middle schoolers to approximately 27 years appeared in New York Times (McKinley). As reported in the newspaper, it is a horrifying account from the victim’s age based on the number of older assaulters. This also worsened on how residents responded in defense of the assaulters and to the extent of having a video evidence of the act, which could be televised by the media (Roxane).
This article in the Times newspaper was too insensitive and biased while reporting this issue (Roxane). The author, McKinley did not do the piece just fully as required right from the title of the story for he put it as if the raped child was in the town (Roxane). He focused so much on the town and the men while forgetting who the victim was in this situation. Considering what happened, the mainly affected person was the little girl but not the men who executed that horrifying act (Roxane).
In the articles, focus is on the lives of men and the town rather than our victim who suffered the worst. He quotes some responses residents of the town were relaying of how the little girl dressed like a 20-year old woman and how the mother would let her leave home to go to various quarters all alone. He also states how the men’s lives would change because they would miss school. All this tries to imply that the little child brought all on herself through her conduct so the whole story is understandable in a way (Roxane).
In the article there were questions raised on where the mother was when her little girl was raped because it is believed that she should be with her child at all times. This means that incase anything bad happens, she is to blame herself for not being responsible. The author shows a sense of chauvinism because he attacked the victim’s mother but never bothered to question the father too (Roxane).
The article would be better if the author would not involve the defense of the men who did it because what he did is trying to justify their actions. Since he is reporting on what happened it should focus on the victim more and how the victim found help, through justice and her healing process.
The gender of the authors too brought difference in the two articles. The Times newspaper reporter wrote the article focusing so much on the defense of the boys; trying to blame the mother for being irresponsible to the victim. He does not mention the victim’s father because he too must be responsible as much as the mother should be; they are all the parents to the child. The second article by Roxane is very different and opposing to the Times’ because of gender difference; here the author sees herself in the victim’s shoes and knows the pain and trauma caused.
Ferguson, Missouri/Michael Brown case
On August 9, a white police officer ended up terminating a18-year old black student life through shooting who was unarmed. Hence, this led to tension in Ferguson by the Blacks seeking justice from a racial act that left the student dead. A police from Illinois wrote that the victim robbed a convenience store so his killing was a favor to the community because he was not innocent as claimed. John Prager wrote an article to condemn the killing by showing that the officer in question is a racist because in his previous work he had the same situation (Prager).
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