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Social media has fashioned pretty a buzz in the 21st century allowing people to keep in touch with other people globally in new and different ways. Individuals are able to create new friends, chat and…
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Choose a topic of interest
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Download file to see previous pages The question that this situation raises is the likely impact that this new revolution will most likely have on the society (Thompson, 92). This essay will argue that when looking at the aspect of political awareness, social media has had a rather positive effect, while when looking at personal relationships; the negative effects outweigh the benefits of social media.
Social network is nothing new in the society per se. A social network actually refers to any structure that consists of several individuals or organizations that are linked to each other through some type of independency, such as to include financial exchange, common interest and friendship among others. The only new aspect of social networking is the web-based social networking that enables these social structures to progress in more intricate and widespread ways. Social media revolves back to the 1950s with the invention of the BBS or as it was commonly referred to electronic “Bulletin Board System”. Nevertheless, it became a prevalent marvel in the 2000s when users could finally create their own online profiles, share a number of their interests online and any other activities that interests them or may likely interest people within their network. Current, the most popular social media networks include Twitter, My Space and Facebook, with Facebook arguably being the most successful among them with over 800 million registered users (Brown, 15).
The reason as to why most people choose to join the social media varies from one individual to the other. Some people join social networks to keep in touch with their old friends as well as make some new ones, while others join to organize social activities or simply flirt with other people. The pragmatic reasons for people join vary heavily. However, according to research there is a deeper psychological explanation as to why people join social media groups such as a need to belong and as a way of projecting ones identity. For ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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