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The most common and serious one is drowning, which is fatal and can cause serious injuries. Drowning can occur as either an accident or an intentional act to accomplish a suicide mission…
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Discuss the drowning statisties in Georgia and Florida
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Drowning Statistics in Georgia and Florida There are many accidents that are bound to take place in or around the swimming pool area. The most common and serious one is drowning, which is fatal and can cause serious injuries. Drowning can occur as either an accident or an intentional act to accomplish a suicide mission. It takes place in a number of regions. The incidences of drowning in Georgia and Florida have been on the rise lately. Reports show that drowning cases in Georgia and Florida is mainly unintentional unlike it is the case in other regions. The cases are associated with some groups of people more than they are in others similarly to all the other issues in the regions. This paper will provide drowning statistics in Georgia and Florida in the effort to identify the groups that are highly vulnerable hence should be protected from unnecessary drowning incidences.
Drowning can either be fatal or non-fatal where it leads to serious brain injuries. The rates of fatal drowning in swimming pools and other water bodies varies depending on the age, gender and race of the individuals. Nonetheless, in these two areas about 10 people die daily from unintentional drowning. The highest rates occur mostly among children who are between the age of 1 and 4. Reports show that males are affected by fatal drowning more than their female counterparts. Also, statistics reveal that about 80% of those people who die from drowning are males (CDC par. 1-8).
The two states are rated on top of the list in drowning cases in the United States. As indicated in research, drowning is the leading cause of death among young children who are aged between 1 and 4. The swimming pool poses the greatest risks of submersion injuries among children whose age range between 1 and 4 years. It is also among the top leading causes of deaths caused by unintentional actions in the two states. This takes place among all individuals regardless of their age (Leatherman & Fletemeyer 128).
In Georgia and Florida, blacks are the most affected group by drowning. The statistics are evident among those children between the ages of 5 and 19. Also, the incidences of drowning for the whites and Hispanics among this age group are the same. As such, the groups that are mainly at risk are the African-Americans. They are followed by the American-Indians and the natives of Alaska. The African Americans who are between 5 and 19 have a six times likelihood of fatal drowning in pools when compared to Whites and Hispanics. In every child case of death from drowning, there are five others who are receiving emergency care for submersion injuries that are non-fatal (Pelletier & Gilchrist 253).
In conclusion, the essential ways to have fun during the summer times is to be involved in activities that involve splashing within the swimming pool. However, it is vital to take the first step by making it a priority to protect the children in and around the pool. In particular, those who go for swimming activities within and around Georgia and Florida should take caution about this. From the indicated statistics, it is essential that the children between one and four years take more precaution in comparison to the older people who swim frequently.
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