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Over the years, calls for equality between men and women in the workplace have taken center stage. On the same note, laws and regulations have been formulated and implemented to…
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Women behave ambitiously and aggressive
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Ambitious and Aggressive Women The role played by both men and women in the global business environment is undoubtedly critical. Over the years, calls for equality between men and women in the workplace have taken center stage. On the same note, laws and regulations have been formulated and implemented to enable women and minority groups to capitalize on their ambitious and aggressive traits. In this respect and at a personal level, it is important and positive for women to be ambitious and aggressive. Sandberg acknowledges that women are better off today than they were several decades ago (4). On the same note, Sandberg’s personal experience shows that women are equally competitive as their male counterparts (5). In this respect, women should capitalize on their ambitions and aggressive workplace behavior in ensuring that they run the world alongside men.
Women are not viewed positively in the workplace because they have given in to the stereotype threats where they believe that they cannot be on equal levels with the men balancing family and work responsibilities and hence end up giving up. This is further reinforced by the fact that women who are ambitious to be leaders are discouraged, shamed and even called unfriendly names. All this contribute to crashing their ambitious dreams and they resign to working at the lower levels in any workplace and letting he men take the lead.
Even though ambitious women are not viewed positively in every work environment, it is important for women not to give up. Fight for affirmative action and promotion of women rights has been vibrant over the last several decades, an observation that occasions women to remain positive over their ambitions (Fels 120). In today’s society, there are many women CEOs than ever recorded in history. In addition, Shafer (72) contends that women have increasingly taken up political leadership positions around the world. This shows that being ambitious and aggressive is positive, and women should allow the world to transition to this contemporary reality. If women perceive their ambitions to be positive, the global population will follow the same path.
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Women Behave Ambitiously and Aggressive Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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