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Pit bull (dogs) - Essay Example

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According to the opponents of the debate of whether Pit bull should be kept as a pet or not, pit bull dogs descendants of bull dogs and these dogs are considered as very aggressive animals and that is why people refrain from keeping these dogs as their pets.
There is no harm in…
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Pit bull (dogs)
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Extract of sample "Pit bull (dogs)"

Pit bull Dogs As Pets Opponents View Point According to the opponents of the debate of whetherPit bull should be kept as a pet or not, pit bull dogs descendants of bull dogs and these dogs are considered as very aggressive animals and that is why people refrain from keeping these dogs as their pets.
My View Point
There is no harm in keeping Pit bull as a pet dog and similar to other dogs they do not harm their keepers or the children of their keeper without any reason. Pit bull dogs are not aggressive, rather it is the way they are treated by their keepers due to which these dogs become aggressive. Pit bull dogs in most instances are kept by those keepers who prefer to have aggressive dogs and they are brought up to be aggressive. Researchers state that dogs are not born aggressive or their aggression is not dependant on the breed they belong to. A study was conducted by Casey and fellow researchers who identified that dogs did not show aggression towards the family members of their keepers until the dogs were directed to do so or were trained to act aggressive against family members (Casey 60).
Another reason due to which Pit bull can be kept as friends is that they are very near and loyal to their owners and are highly social. They love making friends and are easier to train and can be kept throughout the life. ASPCA states that if a pit bull goes through proper social training then they make the most intelligent as well as nonaggressive pet dogs (Owens 24).
A third reason for keeping pit bull dogs as pets is that these dogs are highly loyal to their family members and are one of the best protectors. These dogs have the ability to bark really loud and due this they are able to keep strangers and trespassers away from entering the house of their owners.
Pit bull dogs should be kept as pets because they are harmless and it is myth that because they belong to the bread of aggressive dogs they are aggressive in nature since birth. Pit bull dogs should even be kept as pets because they are very social if they are provided with proper social training and they do not harm family members instead are very effective in scaring away strangers and trespassers.
Works Cited
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Owens, Paul, Terence Cranendonk, and Norma Eckroate. The Puppy Whisperer: A Compassionate, Nonviolent Guide to Early Training and Care. Avon, Mass: Adams Media, 2007. Print. Read More
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