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The tempest - Essay Example

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Use evidence from the text to describe what his art is like, and how it might differ from that used by Sycorax. Do you think this art is simply “magic” or might be similar to a form of technology? Why or why not?
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The tempest
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Extract of sample "The tempest"

Prospero`s Art Art and technology: What is with Prospero’s “art”? Use evidence from the text to describe what his art is like, and how it might differ from that used by Sycorax. Do you think this art is simply “magic” or might be similar to a form of technology? Why or why not?
In Shakespeare`s times many people believed in magic, and witchcraft was considered a gift, a talent, and a certain kind of science. The author managed to incorporate magic in his play but avoided vulgar magic with potions, read aloud spells, and transformations. So to say he did not explain how exactly spells are cast and how magic works. Shakespeare’s magic in “The Tempest” is sophisticated and metaphorical since it belongs to a powerful and wise wizard Prospero.
Prospero`s magic is expressed in many ways in a play and it has multiple meanings as well. Magic can be interpreted as a special art, as a sum of knowledge, as a gift, as a power, as the ability to manipulate and control others. In the beginning of the play though it becomes clear that knowledge is the core of Prospero`s magic as the reader learns about the value of his books. Despite his experience, Prospero learnt magic from his books that is why he is vulnerable without them. Even Caliban understand that Prospero`s skills are dependent on his books:
First to possess his books; for without them
Hes but a sot…”
Prospero`s experience and his ability to rule others is also part of his magic, his special technique. Some readers can perceive Prospero as cruel and violent as he uses others tests them or punishes them when necessary. The loyalty of his spirit Ariel saves Prospero several times. Prospero knows that and emphasizes how much he relies on the help of the creatures weaker than him:
"By your aid, weak masters, though ye be,"
Opposite to Sycorax`s magic, which is uncontrollable, brutal, and animalistic, Prospero`s magic is an art of wise and experienced man. But understanding its role in his life Prospero decides to quit it finally and become an ordinary man. His experience and knowledge of human nature allow Prospero to be influential without magic. Read More
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