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Choose a character from The Tempest (Shakespeare) and analyze him/her in terms of personal characteristics, action in the play - Essay Example

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Your Name Name of of Professor Caliban and Colonialism One of the most important of the plays that were written by William Shakespeare, The Tempest in modern times has remained in critical limelight due to postcolonial readings of it…
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Choose a character from The Tempest (Shakespeare) and analyze him/her in terms of personal characteristics, action in the play
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Choose a character from The Tempest (Shakespeare) and analyze him/her in terms of personal characteristics, action in the play

Download file to see previous pages... This paper shall argue that Caliban is this colonial subject who constantly is made aware of his place in a hierarchy that is created by the colonizer. The forced labor that is extracted from Caliban can be seen when Prospero says, ….He does make our fire, Fetch in our wood, and serves in offices That profit us. - What ho, slave! Caliban, (I: ii: 311-313; 171) The basis of colonization lay in this very mode of extraction of labor from people who were a part of the colonized groups. Caliban’s enslavement is more than physical. However, the physical aspect of the enslavement that he suffers from cannot be overlooked as it is for him an immediate cause for fear. Rebecca Ann Bach says in this regard, “…Caliban serves the family’s bodily needs without hope of remuneration. Ariel is a servant, used but finally rewarded”(392). This drain of wealth in the form of the labor that is extracted was a major plank of colonial endeavors which later became one of the main sources of British revenue. Mentally however, Caliban is far from being enslaved. This can be seen in a speech where he talks of having appropriated the speech that he borrows from Prospero- You taught me language, and my profit on’t Is I know how to curse (I: ii: 364-365; 176). This idea of language and identity are intrinsically connected. It is an aspect of Prospero’s own self that is reflected in Caliban when he retorts. Matthew J. Bolton says in this regard, “Prospero calls on his slave to reveal a self that Prospero deems monstrous.” Language and the liberal political discourse that it goes with cannot be separated. Prospero fails to understand this and the result is a rebellious disposition that builds up in Caliban. It is fascinating how Shakespeare is able to read the human mind and the aspirations that may be repressed but not killed. He anticipates the uprisings against enslavements that were to happen in various colonized lands. Another aspect of the colonial nature of Caliban’s subjecthood is how instruments beyond his power are employed to suppress him. He is constantly under the surveillance of his colonizer, Prospero- …His spirits hear me, And yet I needs must curse (II: ii: 3-4; 207). It is then alliances of the oppressed that can be looked at as a possible means of refuge- Rebecca Ann Bach suggests the unlikely grouping of Miranda and Caliban in this regard- “Although Miranda, Prospero’s prized daughter, is nominally at the apex of the hierarchy, in a position just below her father, her gender role identifies her with Caliban.”(392) A feeling of being watched and being made answerable for one’s innate feelings is what Prospero introduces in Caliban. For this, he uses magic much as the colonizers employed technology. Physical pain is one of the most powerful tools that are then used to deter any possibility of rebellion. This however, does not work as is seen through Caliban’s speech. The ambiguity in the play regarding the position of Caliban comes from what Shakespeare makes the other characters speak. For instance, when Trinculo says, “When they will not give a doit to relieve a lame beggar, they will lay out ten to see a dead Indian (II: ii: 31-32 ;208)”. The attitudes that the colonizers held regarding colonized races comes in for critique here and the tendency to exoticize them is held up as worthy of contempt. He is often seen by readers too, to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Shakespeare: Traditionsl Notion Of Sovereign Power in King Lear And The Tempest
In the Tempest, Prospero and Caliban ruler-slave relationship is mutually considered just (McDonald, 2004). It was as if Caliban had come to terms with Prospero’s rule and dominance. But he eventually retaliates against his master.
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Oedipus Rex by Sophocles and The Tempest by Shakespeare
Pride is one of the overriding themes in both Oedipus Rex by Sophocles and The Tempest by Shakespeare, although both the playwrights deal with this theme in different contexts and different levels. Whereas in the former play the protagonist single-handedly brought about his tragic end through his presumptuous pride, it did not cause a disastrous result in The Tempest.
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The Tempest (Shakespeare)
Compare and contrast Ariel’s and Caliban’s personalities, their use of language, their human characteristics. In what ways are they opposite from each other? In what ways are they similar? Taken as a whole how do these characters reflect humanity as a whole?
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Analyze the play (othello by Shakespeare) and how it uses, presents, and treats the theme of race. How does race impact the char
They are classics also in the sense that they deal with the most profound realities and shades of life that are as often ugly as they are beautiful. As such, the degree to which one can understand and appreciate their emotional, intellectual, psychological and philosophical implications is largely a function of one’s maturity acquired by way of observation and living through a wide range of experiences.
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Caliban in The Tempest
And these natives are reflected in the character of Caliban who undergoes such heinous life with the advent of the powerful foreigner no matter how good he is. Precisely, it demonstrates a category of people who had not experienced any external intervention until the colonization. However, over the time this fragile group is dominated by the efficient and wise ones.
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The Tempest
How does your internet article relate to this argument Then discuss what your own personal view in this debate is. Are you are postcolonialist or a traditionalist Literature has always had a dual function. For some, its primary function has been to entertain and amuse.
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The Necklace Analyze main character
In the story, Guy de Maupassant portrayed a huge contrast between Mathilde and her destiny. Though Mathilde was pretty and charming, she was born "by a blunder of destiny (de Maupassant 1)" in a poor family. Behind her beautiful face is a bitter predestination of having "no dowry, no means of being known, understood, loved, married by a rich man, and distinguished (de Maupassant 1)." Her whole life was determined by her social status-she was just married to a young clerk who could not give her the things that she thought was meant for her and she longed so much to have.
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Prosperos Mistakes in The Tempest by William Shakespeare
The story of his leadership mistakes was told during the shipwreck that brought his enemies into his hands, when he finally sat down with Miranda to explain the past. His 'blind spot' is about his love and trust in his brother Antonio. He handed the running of his business over to him completely and was betrayed.
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Shakespeare-How would Machiavelli (or a Machiavellian) understand the character of Volumnia in Coriolanus Would he approve or disapprove of her behavior in the play Why
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The Tempest (William Shakespeare)
It narrates the story of Prospero and his brother Antonio. Antonio had cheated Prospero out of his position as the Duke of Naples following which Prospero had to flee along with his daughter Miranda and his books of magic. His magic enabled him to survive on an island. The spirits of the island were made servants through his magic and he imprisoned the native of the island Caliban. 
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